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Effects of a $100 spread limit

A thought occurred to me the last time I was playing $1/3 at Ameristar in Blackhawk, Colorado. As some of you may know, there is a $100 cap on betting in Blackhawk, which means the most you can bet at any given time is $100, and the max you can raise is by adding $100 on top of a previous bet.

Now I'm sure this limit effects the game in a multitude of ways I'm not even aware of, but I'm curious to hear thoughts on this one potential effect.

I was on the button with KQo and I stopped myself from squeezing because of the $100 limit. There was a smallish raise from EP to $10 and 2 callers before it got to me. My inclination was to squeeze to $60 but I didn't because if I got even one caller, the bet size limit to pot ratio would have been less than 1! (SPR is useless in this spread limit game because I can't bet the effective stack, I can only bet $100).

So are squeeze plays effectively dead in this game?

What are we changing when the bet size to pot ratio is always so small?

In what other ways does this $100 limit change theory in common spots?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    There have been a few threads on this forum about Spread Limit games. Use the search to find them. There's some good advice in them.

    Realistically, the later streets end up playing closer to a mid-stakes Limit Hold Em game than a $1/$2 NL Game. So you will want to tailor your preflop strategies around that eventuality. I think you can still squeeze in many spots, as you don't mind when people fold out their equity.

    I recommend reading "Small Stakes Hold'em" by Sklansky and Miller. I used to play a ton of $2-$40 Spread Limit in the small Washington town I lived in, and that book is basically the nuts for crushing these type games.
  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 769Subscriber
    So question: On the flop say it goes $10, then call 10, then another call 10, then to you. You can make it a max $110 yes?

    2nd question, whats the max buy in? 300 or 500?
  • JLongo12 Posts: 45Subscriber
    edited August 2018
    RecreationalRoger said:
    So question: On the flop say it goes $10, then call 10, then another call 10, then to you. You can make it a max $110 yes?

    2nd question, whats the max buy in? 300 or 500?

    Yup, the max I can make it is $110. That's a helluva squeeze at $110!

    I don't believe there is a cap on the buy in. I usually buy in for $300-400 cause it is 1/3.
  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 769Subscriber
    so then if you're betting to get better to fold , pop it by $100 as fast as possible. Super squeeze play. you cant make it say 40 or 50 on the flop because if you get a caller or 2, you've lost your leverage on the turn because you cant make it 200-300 on a double barrel bluff. so the only leverage you have when cbet bluffing is to pop it by 100.

    if you're betting to get worse to call, then normal bet sizing rules apply.

    if however V's will call 100 with middle pair on say 279 flop because they "know" you have AK, then you never cbet bluff, you just value bet for 100, just like you would in a limit game.
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