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1-2 Home Game

NickEarns Posts: 21Subscriber
edited August 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero 240 UTG
Villain 250 BB ( Hes one of my good friends have a lot of experience with him, a donk and a big losing player. he was calling with 5/8 suited preflop for 100+ last night)

Hero looks down at A J

I limp, for the meer reason I wanted to under rep my hand, because the Villain was raising EVERY straddle and BB

2 Limpers, Villain raises to 12

I flat 2 Callers

Flop: 4 J 4 ( 46 pot after rake )

Villain checks

I bet 30 fold around to Villain who jams all in....

What do we do ....

Side note.... J4 is his favorite hand.


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I don't like the limp at all - just raise it up for straight value. If you do limp because villain is "raising EVERY straddle and BB", then limp/reraise for straight value. The limp/call just makes the hand so much harder to play multiway.

    Since you didn't, you got yourself into a bit of a mess. As played...I dunno...Probably fold. Maybe call. Kinda feel like this is real read and villain dependent. Not sure this can be answered in a forum post.
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