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Any river bluff outs?

3/5 holdem $800 effective stacks. I'm in UTG +1 with 7 8
utg limps, I raise to $20, and 6 players see a flop
Flop $120 Q 8 6
Checks to UTG +2, he bets $60, folds to utg who calls and I call

Turn $300 3
Checks around

River comes. It checks to me.
Are there any river cards that make a strong opportunity to BLUFF bet the river? These players are your standard rec players. Not pros by any means.


  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    I think the iso raise is a bit thin, especially at that sizing. The flop is an easy fold & I'd let go of some weak queens here too. No one's stabbing into 5 others with worse than Qx here. We're not really ahead of any decent bluffs either if V is aggro, but an unknown usually has TP+ here. Not to mention UTG called & there aren't many turn/rivers that we like.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    Yeah, I'm not sure about the raise pre, and even less sure of the flop overcall. It's one thing to call headsup closing the action. It's another to call multiway.

    As played, I can't imagine there are any cards you can credibly bluff. You can probably bet trips or two pair for value. But with your opponents' propensities to having better hands and rec tendencies to call down, I'm not sure this is a spot to bluff (lending even more credence to folding the flop).
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