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2/5 game, UTG with QQ.

2/5 game, I am UTG with QQ.

I open for $20, UTG+1 calls. Folds to MP2 who raises to $100. He likes to raise to try to take the pot down. It folds to me. I flat to keep his range wide. The surprise is when UTG+1 makes it $300 to go, MP2 calls. Its back to me. UTG+1 is an OMC, has been playing tight and not gotten out of line.

I have $1,300, UTG+1 around $900, MP2 has me covered.

Is this a call, fold, raise? I think I have MP2s range dominated, but not sure about UTG+1. Should I have raised when it came back around to me?


  • iamallin Posts: 1,173SubscriberProfessional
    Fold is wise. You almost never have the best hand here 3 way. If the old guy doesn't haVE you beat the mp player could by trapping AA

    At these stack sizes you don't have the odds to set mine.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,835AdministratorLeadPro
    You're toast vs OMC +1 back raise. This is AA almost always. And you arent deep enough to set mine. Bart
  • Charlotte_poker Posts: 41Subscriber
    Thanks, I folded. Board came out Q53 rainbow which would have been a nice flop. OCM shoved the flop with out much thought, MP2 quickly folded.
  • hustlin Posts: 289Subscriber
    with the OMC back rasing. its just scary as hell. AA, KK all day.

    no odds to set mine. def fold.

    but if ur feeling lucky. than by all means hope to call for a Q board ,
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