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KK utg facing a 3 bet $2/5 1k Cap

Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
edited August 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/5 $1k cap game at Aria at about 5am Monday morning

Hero opens K K utg to $20 with a starting stack of $480. Maybe it is costing me a little value, but a right now I buy into $2/5 or $5/5 games for 100 BB's. Its best for my own bankroll considerations, and I feel I play better with a 100BB stack than I do deeper.
Hero is a 35 year old white guy wearing a Hoodie with the branding of a Skateboard company on it. Visable tattoos on his hands and neck... I don't really look like an average golf playing middle class white male.
Your hero is probably viewed on the tighter side, haven't played a hand except for my blinds, since I sat down in this game about 30 minutes ago.
Its also worth noting that I took this $2/5 seat as the $1/3 game I was playing in broke and it was be on the list at 5am or play $2/5. I'm not sure if anyone even knows or cares but I am not a regular in this game what so ever. A regular in the room, sure, but not this $2/5 game. I am a regular in the Bellagio $2/5 $500 cap game, but I don't recognize anyone. I try my best to not look like a winning reg, I used to bring a backpack, ditched that, just try my best to at least not look like a reg. Its probably pretty obvious that I am to anyone paying attention however.

So it folds to MP2 who 3 bets to $65
I don't know this player, but he doesn't seem to have been getting out of line. This player is definately a regular in this game. He has me covered by thousands. His stack has a full $500 stack of Greens, signifying that he probably bought in for the full $1k as most of the Aria $2/5 regs buy in for $500 red/$500 green. He has headphones, I pad, a hoodie, the whole pro kit. This player has also been playing pretty snug.

Folds around to us...

What do we do, and why do we do it?

Fold? Not at 5am...

4 bet? A 4 bet from a tight player who initially raised utg would definately signify that I have a very strong hand? Does it matter? Will worse ever even call? Does it matter that my 4 bet range is probably only Aces and Kings? If it does then why does this matter when playing an opponent that I've never played? Do we need to build up the pot? Its probably pretty easy to get the rest in across 3 streets.

Or do we flat? Flatting does disguise the strength of my hand somewhat. Although simply calling a 3 bet utg means strength these days. Flatting certianly keeps him wider and keeps his bluffs in. But does he ever even have bluffs 3 betting a utg open from a player who hasnt played a hand? What is his 3 betting range? We don't need to protect our hand really. Just 3 Aces to fade, and if one flops and he bets, we might call one street, but we're probably not loosing a large pot. But what happens if an Ace doesn't flop? Check/call all the way down? Check/call flop then bet if he checks turn? Lead flop (probably never doing this, just taking all options into account)? What do we do if a Queen flops and he keeps betting?

So whats the play? How do we procede? And why do we play it that way?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


  • El Posts: 11Subscriber
    4bet get it in with 100bb not much to this hand. If he folds you win 65bb if he calls the 4bet You can ship flop or bet small flop and shove river depending on your 4bet sizing
  • El Posts: 11Subscriber
    Shove turn sorry***
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Well here is what to consider.

    You are UTG.
    You have the look no rec likes. But you are 35 not 21 so that makes a difference.
    You don't know the V
    and the V doesn't know you.
    We should make an assumption of the average player at this casino at these stakes that 3bs an UTG raiser and what their range should be since he is unknown.
    What is our villain's stereotype?
    Think about why the villains stack is so large? Is this an uncapped game? Does he has a 1000bb stack? Then consider how often and which type of player gets that high of a stack? From my experience when I run into a player with that massive of a stack usually it is someone playing a bad LAG style that pretty much is running over the table or got lucky. And regular doesn't mean good.
    Pay attention to his behavior during the hand.

    So with all the considerations above think about if it's better to call or to reraise. You are playing the averages of all the factors in a vacuum for the best play. One of the main factors here is your position and his.

    If you were in late position and this guy 3b you then that heavily leans on a 4b by the laws of averages.
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