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5/10 Turn flush on paired board. River decision. 90bbs

hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
edited August 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Late night 5/10
Villain just sat down recently. He's not particularly good and not particularly bad. No real reads. Except maybe a little looser pre than most.
Hero. Prob viewed as Solid/Tight

Eff 900~~~
Hero Covers.
7-8 Handed.

Hero UTG +1 Raise to $40 Q J
Villain SB calls $40
Whale BB calls $40.

Pot $120 Flop 2 2 3

Check. Check. Hero bets $100. Villain calls SB. Whale folds. HU.

Pot $320 Turn 5
Check. Hero $225. Villain calls

Pot$ $770. River A
Villain checks. Hero??? Villain has ~500 left.

I bet large on flop because I can dbl barrel. Rep the over pair. I can get a lot of folds on the turn.
As played. I put villain on all pair 22-JJ with a heart. A2s-AJs. Suit connectors with flush draws.

Now with the Ax hitting on river. I'm losing to A2. 33, 55.
I can get value from smaller flushes. Kind of sucks I got QJhh, which blocks JJ with J of h.

I'm wondering if I can get value here. or is it a little too thin based on the board run out?

I do think villain is capable of slow playing a full house here by just calling.


  • PrimoVictor Posts: 59Subscriber
    I don't think you have any play but to shove. Checking is mightily too weak. $500 into $770.
  • Superfly Posts: 314Subscriber
    Yes shove IMO. You seem to be concerned with paired board, but only few hands result in boat, and many of those wouldn’t call from SB pre. There are many other more likely hands you beat that might still call on river. His river check also signals non-nutty hand looking for showdown. only 2/3 pot size bet left so ..
    by 1hustlin
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,842Subscriber
    cant we bet 250-300?

    is he calling a shove with 66-77 because a standard player thinks we are repping the Ace when we barrel twice?
    by 1hustlin
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    neverlearn2 said:
    cant we bet 250-300?

    is he calling a shove with 66-77 because a standard player thinks we are repping the Ace when we barrel twice?
    for sure hes not calling a shove with 66-77 to bluff catch.

    Soooo im just trying to see what sort of hands I can really get value from here??
    Of course flushes. But a good portion of that would/ or consider X/R the turn here.
  • PrimoVictor Posts: 59Subscriber
    edited August 2018
    The point of shoving regardless is that we do it with our nutted hands and not. The only bet is a shove based on stack vs pot. We miss value if we bet 250-300 and Villain calls. Villain would call a bluff more than likely too for that price. Make their decisions harder by putting pressure on with correct bet sizing. Imagine same scenario and we are betting with 6 5 now instead.
    by 1hustlin
  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    Size down on flop. No body really connects with this board. As played, shove seems like the only option. It's less than a PSB.
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    Reason why I bet so large on the flop. Was I was planning to barrel off like Mid PP's by turn or river.

    Villain ended up having 23dd for flopped full house haha. C/C the whole way.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Damon results.

    I wouldn't shove river as you are rarely being called by worse. 50% of THe beat you.
    2x is rare and with the river A2 is one of his stronger hands.

    I'd bet $200~$400 depending on how he acted OTF&OTT
    by 1hustlin
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    ^ thanks I was thinking the same thing after the hand was over.

    The A on river makes my range sometimes AA. therefore making villain might be hero folding say a weaker flush.
    Also for a 4x that got a straight on the river. A smaller sizing increases his calling %.

    It was really late at night and towards the end of session for me. The2nd nut flush looked like the absolute nuts to me lol.
  • Oback2 Posts: 206Subscriber
    edited September 2018
    Your sizing on the flop is pretty bad imo, you really shouldn’t be betting more than 60 on this board texture.

    I’d go like 40-50 with basically my entire range.

    AP, Ez jam on river.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,024Subscriber
    I'm also for a smaller flop bet. PPs aren't folding anyway, and if we choose to double barrel, the turn bet will be cheaper as well.

    River I bet smaller cuz this guy ain't a pro, no need to think about polarizing our range, etc. We want a call from weak hands, which would be most of what he has here. How many non-pros are calling off their last $500 without a strong hand on a paired, flushed board? Unless you've seen him be a station/play the hero, I don't see what calls a shove that w beat.
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    I still do believe betting larger on this texture is good. If you think villain will overfold to your turn bets. why not build a bigger pot to steal on the turn or river. You're also in position. You have 2 overs. Quite the advantage I say.

    Do agree on river. board is not the best. smaller sizing is ideal in this particular spot.

  • Oback2 Posts: 206Subscriber
    there’s deep flaws in your logic, I suggest you take a really hard look at your overall strategy.
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