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Short Deck Hold 'em (aka 6+ Hold em)

Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
edited September 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
No idea where else to post this question so this seems like the most frequented forum.
Both Bellagio and Aria have recently spread some $1/2 Short Deck games. A game where the 2's-5's are removed from the deck. Some of the hands rank in different order because of the card removal. It's been being played for a few years in Macau and other Asian countries for mega high stakes... Currently the buy in at Aria is $100-300 and Bellagio is $100-500, but that may change.
Anyway, this game intrests me a lot, especially since it's new and not much is known about it, I imagine most players will be playing poorly. I would think players would be over valueing Aces and Kings a lot among other mistakes. However, I want to have a big edge if I do play. The games I've seen have had a ton of action. I feel my regular hold 'em skill would probably make me a winner in the game. However I would like to study the game more, but I can't find any strategy information on the internet since its so new.
So if anyone knows any books, or sites that have short deck strat, let me know. Even any tips you have would be helpful. Thanks!


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