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£1/£2 Playing a set when the flush comes in.....

Afternoon all,

I'm just starting to dip my toe back into the cash game scene and this hand came up that I'd like to check my line on.

Eff Stacks ~100bbs
Villain: Fairly new to the table and has been playing pretty tight and passive.
Table: Playing exceptionally tight. I'm opening a lot of hands for smaller than usual raise sizes just to take down the blinds.
My image: Pretty laggy.

Folds to me in MP with 66s and I raise to £6.
Folds to villain in the SB who makes the call. Pot £14.
Flops comes T 6 K
Villains leads for £8, I raise to £28. Villain calls. Pot £70.
Turn comes 3 :eek:
Villain leads for £44. I call. Pot £158.
River comes Q
Villain go all in for his remaining £135.

I don't think for too long and muck my hand. I'd already made the decision to call the turn with the intention of folding to a jam on the river if the board didn't pair. He just didn't strike me as the kind of player that would turn his hand into a bluff with the naked ace or overplay a worse hand than mine. I imagine he either had a suited ace A2-A5 , AJ/AQ or KQ/KJ

I've replayed it over in my mind a couple of times and I don't think I'd play it any different. I'd be grateful to hear other peoples thoughts and opinions though.



  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    His story sure fits how a tight passive would play a flush.

    Call, donk tiny, call raise
    Donk HUGE

    And the flop hits your range too. You can easily have KK or TT. Then he shoves on the broadway card.

    1/2 players can overvalue their hands. I would replay the hand in my head before folding and look back at any possible tells. He could be overplaying KT and think you have AK.

    Like did he check his hole cards
    How long did he take on the flop
    How long did he look at his cards preflop before calling the raise
    How was his behavior on the turn.

    All little indicators. Small chance he has TT or KK even.

    In a vacuum I'd probably fold vs a tight passive here.
    by 1hustlin
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    Really like you line. I would play it the same way.
    As played I would muck. Lots of flushes In his range. Also u can have the front door flush too. So by him leading into u 3 streets. He’s repping strong . And probably is really strong.

    He has all flushes, KK, 1010,
    K10 , KxQs would be like bottom of his range.

    Pretty sure villain had exactly Ax suites and suited broadways that turn the flush.
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