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Strange Preflop Action vs Active Player $2/5 $1k cap

Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
edited September 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
A few notes...
When I very first sat down for the night the Villain was in the middle of a hand. He somehow got 200BB in by the flop and lost to one pair, pocket AA. Didnt see his hand, but the Villain seems like action.
Also an orbit earlier, I 3 bet squeeze AJ suited to $140 from the SB, over a good players open to $30 from the Lo-jack and two calls. The BB wakes up with JJ and shoves for $350. Everyone else folded so it seemed like I was getting a good price and called. I spiked an Ace and won the pot. However, I think this effected the upcoming hand and hurt my Image and made everyone realize I wasn't as tight as people normaly think I am.

Onto the hand $2/5 $1k cap at Aria.
Utg limps
MP opens to $30 with ~$1200
Next calls $30 with ~$600
Villain calls with in Hijack~$1k, 40+ Asian man with a pocketfull of $100's, I saw him pull a wad of at least $10k in his pocket on the multiple times he has rebought, very loose
Hero has A Q on Button with $500 total
I raise to $150
Utg folds
Original opener folds
Villain now backraises to $550, essentally just putting me all in...

I'm not a big fan of this spot. Sure we're getting a pretty good price, but most players don't jam 100BB without a hand. Given the price I think its a call? I think we sometimes might have the same hand, are flipping, or I might possibly, sometimes might even have him dominated if hes spazzing, but even if he has QQ we're not all that bad considering the price. I would think AA and KK would 3 bet over a raise and a call almost always. I could see AK calling however... All that being said though, I'd much rather get my money in postflop as I think I have a bigger edge, or have a better hand to get it in with. However, he seems pretty terrible.
His jam after originally calling over two players had me thoroughly confused.
So the pot is about $710, and $350 for me to call. Even against QQ, its basically a neutral call. The only hands I'm really worried about are AA, KK, and AK. I would think that most players would 3 bet AA and KK over a raise and a call almost always, AK might overcall...

I'll be honest, I had pretty much no idea what to do. The backraise isn't something I normally see at the games I play... Is this backraise kinda like the utg limp raise where its almost always going to be Aces or Kings?

Also, what about the preflop 3 bet? I think AQ suited is a hand that I'm happy to take down the pot down with pre, and if we do see a flop I'd much rather be heads up and in position than against multiple players, and if the original raiser puts in the 4 bet I can pretty comfortably fold, but would flatting be possibly a better option in this spot? We'll have position multiway post flop and can definately outplay the field.


  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    As played I’m snap calling here. AQs here is like the nuts IMO. Basically against this kind of villain ( loosely goosey) + the pot odds. Make it a no brainer call.

    I expect to see a lot of funky pocket pairs, random A10s+. Theirs enough random hands which ur going to be quite good.

    3bet is fine. However with ur chip stack and the sizing of ur 3bet. If u get 4bet ur committed to go w the hand.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    vs the worse case scenario of TT+, AK you are priced into to call. You have already seem him 3b JJ and he has seen you squeeze with AJ.

    He has a pocket full of $100s he has zero money fear.
  • citrex Posts: 9Subscriber
    The games I usually play this would be AK, AA, KK or a shity hand like 22-99, Axs

    Given that you just need 33,33% equity and that against AK, JJ+ we are breakeven I think this must be a call as villain as zero money fear, is splasy and looks like someone who doesn't bother to gamble.

    If we consider V range with 2/3 of Value hands (TT+, AK) and 1/3 Shitty hands (AJs, 77-99) we would have 40% equity.
  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    At worst, you're flipping. We block AA and QQ heavy and AK as well... and this guy was the second to over-call the initial raise, meaning the top parts of his range aren't always there with this line... basically never if he has any clue. Usually the overcall back-raise shove is a middling pair. I got AQs ai vs KQo last night in a similar spot. (I straddled, UTG puts in $25 blind, V overcalls MP, SB + BB call too, I make it $200 MP rips in 1k eff, I snap & hold) Given the shallow stacks this is basically a snap. It'd be more interesting if the initial raiser 4bet where it's a bit more close, but still likely a call unless MP's an OMC. If you just run some ranges, even ultra conservative ones where V ALWAYS traps premiums, this is too easy of a call getting a bit over 2:1

    Equity Win Tie
    39.26% 35.81% 3.44% { AQs }
    60.74% 57.30% 3.44% { 99+, AQs+, KQs, AKo }

    In my experience vs described villain, I think a closer scenario is at worst:

    Equity Win Tie
    56.61% 51.28% 5.33% { AQs }
    43.39% 38.06% 5.33% { TT-66, AQs-ATs, KJs+, QJs, 87s, 76s, AJo+, KQo }

  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    edited September 2018
    Yeah against this perticular player it did feel like a pretty easy call. Unfortunately he wound up turning over two black Aces... so much for blockers.
    As it played out, I'm always loosing a lot of money with this hand. I flopped the nut flush draw, backdoor broadway, and two overs though so my equity went from like 12% to 36%. So even if he just flats my 3 with his Aces I'm probably not folding too often consdiering the prices.

    This hand did make me think of another question though. When thinking about calling a bet with AK or AQ preflip how much does the suitedness effect the decision? I mean if we're calling the shove with AQ, based off of his range, it really doesn't matter if its suited or not correct? I certianly understand that AQ suited is a better hand to have than AQ off. But exactly how much better? Its almost neglegable in most preflop situations correct?
    Would there ever be an example where we might call off a bet with AK suited, but fold AK off?
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    ^ being suited really helps. It’s usually enough to sway a very close decision to a call. That extra % surely helps.

    say for ex.

    Villain raises. U 3bet. He 4 bets u all in. Villain is a solid TAG.
    Ur not loving getting the money in. Kind of a sticky spot. U can choose to call w ur AKs and possibly let go some of your AKo
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    I would snap this off also vs described villain.
    Yeah it sux we ran into AA but I don't think it will happen very often.
    I think even if he showed you KK - you're getting about the right price with AQs and I think you're way ahead of what he might pull this shit with.

    Going with suited hands in borderline situations is nice because we get that extra 4% EQ (if AI pre) and it acts as natural frequency selector 4 out of 16 combos so we using 1/4 of combos.
    I don't think this is borderline though...
    by 1CycleV
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