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Error raising turn and river in limit O8 with nut flush and wheel

betgo Posts: 35Subscriber
I don't remember everything, but this was a loose low to mid stakes O8/Stud8 game. It went 5 to a flop, I raised preflop and villain limp/called. I had A J 4 2, villain had A 2 3 5 The board on the turn was 6 3 4 5. Villain and I put capped it for 4 bets on the turn and river HU. Everyone thought I was an idiot. They all knew someone had the straight flush and wheel before the cards were shown.


  • Beatsme Posts: 585Subscriber
    I mean super cooler spot... like once in a lifetime type thing right? Not even worth the time and energy to think about this spot. I would have prob kept piling in money too.

    You gave no villian description. Is he a reg in this game? Hard not to keep raising. Although against some villains you could have saved a bet or 2... maybe
  • BartBart Posts: 5,835AdministratorLeadPro
    the other people are the idiots.. I would probably go 5 or 6 bets on the river before I stopped raising. The fact that he just limp called means he can easily have just the 2 3 without an ace as well. Bart
  • betgo Posts: 35Subscriber
    Villain was OK postflop, but loose/passive preflop, and definitely not a professional player. I was a little shocked that he limp/called such a strong hand preflop. People made remarks like "you didn't see the straight flush was out there?", so I thought maybe it was my inexperience with Omaha 8.
  • betgo Posts: 35Subscriber
    Villain was pretty passive, but yeh I didn't put him on a steel wheel.
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