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2/5 Flopped a str8 in super multi-way pot

ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
2/5 1K cap

~1.5K effective

6 handed, 3 limps, HERO over-limps 9 6 on the BU, BB (who's a very very aggro very laggy young reg) makes it 30, everybody calls, HERO calls
I know it's pretty loose pre, but big donks were in the pot, so let's get past pre-flop

Flop (180) T 8 7 BB bets out 60, 2 people in the middle call.

Now BB is super laggy and super aggro, but he's a thinking player and definitely aware of his image.
Both BB and the people in the middle started with ~1500 and HERO covers everybody.



  • ds2uared Posts: 297Subscriber
    This is a prime spot to slow play. Aggressor is first to act. 2 callers in between. It's rainbow, so all cards except J, 9, or 6 are blanks. On complete blanks, you can really slow play depending on how much the aggressor keeps it up and get great value on the river. And raising on this flop might get overpairs to fold.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,842Subscriber
    I don't like slow playing here. I'm not worried about the PFR leading into field that's a bad bet I'm worried about the fallers wanting to draw out here. This board hits their range we got a ton of card that can potentially kill action and we got perfect semi bluffs here with pair + draw hands that fit as well.

    I would raise to like 200-240
  • CycleV Posts: 1,024Subscriber
    There's about a zero % chance I'd slowplay here. Any card J through 7 changes the nuts, while a 6 either kills our action or might chop it up, and even overcards can let someone with a pair+draw get away.
  • citrex Posts: 9Subscriber
    I would raise here. Pot $150 pre flop, plus $180, would be $390 when we put our bet, so I would bet something between $230-$270.

    A lot of action killers and a lot of value to extract from sets, two pairs, pair+SD.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 360Subscriber
    I think the raise should be bigger. More like 350-400. I'd like to thin the heard here and a smaller bet gives too good a price on a call.
  • PBJTIME Posts: 338Subscriber
    Multiway I’m much less inclined to play tricky. Raise this flop and build the pot. I think 220ish is a good amount. There’s a good chance that the PFR will check the turn after getting called in 3 spots. I’m not counting on him to bet the turn for us. If a 6,9,J, or overcard comes, that could also kill our action.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    edited September 2018
    So I figured the PFR just MUST have an OP considering pre-flop and him betting in to this 5 way field with his image.
    At least one of the callers should have some kind of draw at least (or maybe, if I'm lucky, a slowpay)..

    Considering all that and being ~1500 deep, I decided I have to raise.
    I wanted to make it pretty small, so I raised it to 260.
    I thought that was small considering 180 pot + 60 and two callers....

    PFR tanked forever, but eventually folded :yell:
    The last caller then also tanked and also folded (told me he had a draw and put me on 2p)
    :cry: :cry: :cry:


    After game broke PFR told me he folded AA...
    Not sure if he was truthful, but that's basically what I thought he must have, so possibly true... never know...

  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,842Subscriber
    that sucks. i still like to raise here nh.
  • thnkpositive Posts: 26Subscriber
    what do you bluff here with? (Don't read into the question I'm just trying to further the discussion).
  • CycleV Posts: 1,024Subscriber
    I'd semi-bluff any 9x, value bet 2p+. His fold with AA is good, but that doesn't make our bet wrong. Any time we have 2p or 9x we'll love some folds. Here we have 2nd nuts and a guy made the correct play. Fortunately for us, that doesn't happen every day. ;)
  • hustlin Posts: 299Subscriber
    For sure raise. I see really nooo reason to slow play. If you got J9 maybe some u got the nuts.

    U want to build the pot. Villains will prob look u up with they got any piece like pair + straight draw .
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