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Bluff turns into a bluff-catcher? Weird action at 5/5NL

HomelessPizza Posts: 15Subscriber
edited September 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5/5 600 eff

Brand new to table; V is 30's unkempt looking Latin guy

folds to us in LJ K9 raise to 20
V HJ flats, bb calls
8s4h3h [60]
x, H 35, V 105, f, H calls
Tc [270]
x, V quickly slides out stack of 90
H to 300, V tanks then shrug calls
River 2x [870]
H checks, V jams 165,

Thoughts on line, sizing, and river action

Bet sizing suggests a marginal hand...I remove all strong hands with that bet sizing on a board that is getting pretty scary. If I call, I am probably not getting paid off OTR, but raising has FE if he's doing this with TXhh, 8Xhh, 99, NFD, etc.

One he tank calls turn I am pretty done with the hand, but once he bet river I tanked and couldn't name a single hand he would do this with.


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,842Subscriber
    edited September 2018

    if we trying to exploit on the turn sizing i think we didntt ake into account the 3b on flop which really changes the guys range. he doesnt bet as many turns with bad hands here so him betting small can be some inducing here cause of the pasisve way we played our hand. obv the c/r on turn changes things. we lose to Axhh

    maybe we had Axhh we can pull a Bart here and call getting 1:5.5
  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    Was the Villain all in for $165? You said he "jams" $165, people normally refer to a jam as an all in. If so I think raising him on the turn is fine if you're trying to bluff, but I would probably just move all in on the turn for $465 since you are heads up. It puts more pressure on him and doesn't leave you in a weird spot on this river and now thinking about calling with King high. Sure its a somewhat of an overbet, and makes your hand a little more polarized, but I think its a better choice.
    As played I don't think he's raising you on the flop without a hand of some kind. On the turn his bet does look kinda weak, but again he just raised you on the flop which is pretty strong.
    I also think if he had a draw of some kind that King high beats on the river, I would think he himself would just move all in for $465 on the turn instead of calling $300 and just leaving $165 back.
    I dunno, its only $165 but I don't think King high is going to be good very often. I think calling with Ace high might be OK sometimes, but I'm not sure about King high here. He might even be bluffing with Ace high himself. I think King high is a better call if 56 doesn't get there. Thats really the only bluff I see on the flop other than Hearts and he could have the Ace high flush draw.
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