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Finding Leaks

I have been working very hard on improving my game. And one thing I’m having trouble identifying are leaks. What are some leaks low stakes (1/2 and 2/5) players have? And how does one indentify leaks in their own game?


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Playing too much out of position
    Not realizing relative position
    Playing too loose from early position
    Not realizing stack to pot ratio
    Not paying attention to patterns, tells, behaviors
    Not realizing the true value of hands vs different kinds and position of raisers
    Realizing tilt
    Adjusting to table dynamics
    Changing tables to make the most money
    Knowing when to quit
    Keeping your cool
    Playing statically
    Bankroll management
    Doing homework on ranges, frequencies, and opponent tendencies
    Learning/Inventing/Experiencing new players and not running them in hand processors and using math to analyze them
    But the largest leak is not folding every time I raise you. Clearly I always have the nuts.
    by 1fozbo
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