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NickEarns Posts: 21Subscriber
I need advice, I've played live poker for 95% of the time I've played poker 4ish years. I usually play 1-3 / 2-5 and am a break even/ small winning player if I'm to be 100% honest. I want to learn the mathematics of poker more, and get more hands In and want to play some online poker because I'm unable to play live poker at the moment.

What stakes should I play if I'm use to the 1-3 / 2-5 live, I know as far as skill wise, the theme around it is online players are more sound of players.

I do want to build an online bankroll, and I don't want to keep dumping money online but rather challenge myself and grind.


  • Oback2 Posts: 201SubscriberProfessional
    edited September 2018
    I would start at 50NL and go from there. I think they are the most comparable to 2/5 live - but probably still harder than what live poker is.

    If you’re breakeven at live poker, you could even start lower than that - but the rake is usually absurd - relatively - at the micros.
  • CycleV Posts: 967Subscriber
    I'm guessing you live in USA? Options aren't great, and lot of bots or bot-like pros online.There is also a HUGE difference between 6max online and FR live. Your math will improve d/t volume, but tbh, the strat to win at 6max is not entirely relevant to LLSNL.

    I've played online (not USA based) for 10 years, now I mostly play live with some online FR mixed in, rarely 6-max. But in USA idk how much FR online you will find.

    I would start around NL10 or 25, and pay for a HUD, or find a site that you can access where HUDs are not allowed.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,316Subscriber
    Play on Bovada or Ignition where it's anonymous and usually in 24hrs you can look up the hand and see what they have. I actually starting keeping a manual track of hands I played on an excel sheet measuring different situations vs specific player types. It vastly improved my game when I could see the data on how others played.

    I'd start @ $10NL get a feel and work your way up. $10 NL is slightly under 1/2. $25 NL is about 1/2 or 1/3, $50 NL is about 2/5, $100 NL is like 5/10. $200 NL you get some good players. Play only full ring as the 6 max tables are incredibly tough to adjust if you come from full ring. I also don't like mixing up my games. I am no Phil Ivey with a super talent for poker. I had to work hard to get as good as I am and I have a hard time adjusting to 6 max. Now the good news if you get a short full ring table they won't have a clue how to play short. I have somewhat of a clue lol.

    HUDs makes any fair TAG at live play much better preflop and a little better post flop. I find many don't even use the HUDs full potential. Currently, and this is my opinion, HUDs are a form of cheating if you use the data right.

    For example - If I have 50k hands I know pretty much how you play.

    You raise in MP and CB the flop.
    I know what your range is in MP
    I know your CB% is from the MP heads up
    I know what your fold to a raise % is when you raise in MP heads up.
    I can perfectly choose my action vs you. So as a simple example if your CB is 78% and your fold to flop raise when you are the preflop raiser from MP is 68% I can literally not look at my cards and just raise exactly what's in the pot. I only have to win 50% of the time to be profitable.

    So if you play live... Bovada or Ignition. They share the same pool. Max 4 tables. If you sit at an empty table long enough it will place you at a full one when it pops up.
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