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Last night session - Shotgun Format


Here is my last night session. A rough one. 19 hands played, won 5. Almost 250bb down. I appreciate all your inputs.

$1/$2 game, if not mentioned 9 handed. Assume 100bb deep if not said otherwise.

Hand 1
Hero is HJ with A K
Utg+1 ($90) limps, LJ limps. Hero raises to $15. Both call. 3 way flop
($48) Q T 3 - x around
3 UTG+1 moves all in for $75. Both fold.

Hand 2
Hero is Utg+1 with A K
Hero opens to 7, HJ ($175, bad chineese guy) raises 20. Hero 4 bets to $50. He calls. (I would call his all in)
($103) A A 6 - Hero bets $20, calls
($143) 9 Hero moves all in, V thank and folds.
(I should have bet 1/4 of the pot and put him all in on the river, maybe I could get him to call at least turn.)

Hand 3
Hero is SB with J 6
MP limps, HJ limps, CO limps, Hero completes, BB squeeze. Fold around
(maybe to ambitious to complete with J6s)

Hand 4
Hero is BTN with A 4
HJ raises to 7 (very loose player), Hero calls on the BTN, SB calls, BB calls. 4 way
($28) A 4 J - SB check, BB check, V bets $9, Hero calls, Sb calls, BB folds. 3 way
($55) 2 - Sb check, V bets $25, Hero raises to $70, SB folds, V moves all in $202 total, Hero calls.
($459) 6
V shows 5 3 straight.

(Fold pre or 3bet. I like my flop play and my turn raise to $70, I am not sure if we should call to his all in)

Hand 5
Hero is BB with K8o. Straddle pot.
SB completes, Hero completes, Stradlle checks. 3 way
($12) Tx6 7 - x around
($12) Q - x around
($12) 4 - SB check, Hero check, Straddle bets $15, SB folds, Hero calls.
V shows K5o, Hero wins with K8o.
(He reps absolute nothing except 53 on that river)

Hand 6
Hero is CO with 7 6
Hero overlimps with 4 limps already. 7 way.
($14) - Q 9 8 - x around.
($14) - 5 - SB leads $2, 2 players call, Hero raises to $20, folded around.

Hand 7
Hero is UTG with A J 8 handed
UTG raises to $7, Hero calls, BTN calls. 3 way
($24) A A 9 - UTG bets $15, hero calls, BTn fold. Heads up
($54) Q - x around
($54) 7 UTG checks, Hero bets $30, UTG calls. Hero wins.
(Would you make it bigger on the river?)

Hand 8
Hero is UTG with K Q
Hero raises to $7, Co calls, SB calls. 3 way
($24) A J 4 - check around
($24) A - Hero bets $15, CO calls, SB folds.
($54) A - x around
V shows 88
(Should we Cbet this board with BDFD and gut shot? it is a really good board to our range....)

Hand 9
Hero is Sb with 88.
UTG+1 limps, MP raises to $10, HJ calls, Hero call, UTG+1 folds. 3 way
($34) K93r - Hero checks, MP bets 20, Folded.
(If instead of $20 he bets $10, should we call?)

Hand 10
Hero is CO with 8 6
UTG limps, Hero raises to $12, UTG calls.
($27) J32r (one hearth) - UTH checks, Hero bets $11, UTG calls.
($49) 8r - X around
($49) Kr - X around.
V shows K 3
(I isolated pre flop as that V is really weak, as you can see. I was going to bet the turn if A/K/Q/any hearth comes. With the 8 my hand has show down value.)

Hand 11
Hero is SB with KJo
MP limps, LJ limps, HJ limps. Hero raises to $21, folded around.

Hand 12
Hero is HJ with red 77. Straddle pot.
Utg raises $12. Mp call. Hero calls, SB call, BB calls, 5 way.
($64) T 6 4:h: - SB checks, BB checks, UTG bets $20, Hero calls, all fold. Heads up
($104) A - x around
($104) J - x around

Hand 13
Hero is MP with 88
Hero raises $7, BTN calls, Sb raises to $22 ($175 behind), Hero calls, BTN calls. 3 ways
($68) A75r - x around
($68) 3r - SB bets $16, hero calls, BTN folds.
($100) 4r - SB bets $25, hero fols.

Hand 14
Hero is CO with A K
UTG raises to $7, UTG+1 calls, LJ calls, Hero 3bets to $35. UTG calls, LJ calls. 3 way
($115) J96r - UTG checks, LJ leads $10, Hero calls, UTG calls.
($145) 5r - UTG checks, LJ leads $10, Hero calls, UTG calls.
($175) Tr - X around.
UTG shows 7 5
LJ shows Q J

(I don't know how to play against that non-sense bets. How would you play it?

Hand 15
Hero is HJ with K Q
Utg limps, LJ limps, Hero raises to $15, Sb calls, BB calls, UTG calls, LJ calls. 5 way
($75) 7 6 3 x around
($95) 2 - Sb leads $20, folded around. SB Shows JJ, no hearth
(should we Cbet on this flop with Q, K or A ?)

Hand 16
Hero is UTG with A K. Stradlle pot.
Hero raises to $15, LJ calls, HJ calls, Straddle Calls. 4 way.
($63) 7 2 4 - x around
($63) 9 :d) - SB check, Straddle bets $25, all players fold.

Hand 17
Hero is CO with KTo
LJ limps, HJ limps ($60) , Hero raises to $15. LJ calls, HJ calls, 3 way.
($48) AT9r - x around.
($48) Jr - LJ checks, HJ bets $6, Hero calls, LJ calls.
($66) 8r - x around.
LJ wins with A6s
(Two very weak players that I like to isolate. On the flop I should Cbet to extract value from a worse T, a 9 and SD. As played, I think I should raise on the turn. As played, I can't check that river unless I give up the hand. My T is never good, so I should had bet as a bluff on the river.)

Hand 18
7 handed. Hero is BB with 7 5
Utg limps, Utg+1 limps, Sb calls, Hero checks. 4 way
($8) T 5 4 x around
($8) 6 Sb bets $5, hero raises to $15, Utg cold calls, UTG+1 folds, SB folds.
($43) 2 Hero bets $28, V calls.
V wins with JTo.
(The Sb is a very week player that leads a lot and folds a lot to a raise, with a pair+sd I wanted to win the hand right there. When the UTG cold calls I tought he would have a T, a SD or a FD. with that river I thought I could make a T to fold. I was wrong)

Hand 19
7 handed. Hero is CO with A A
LJ limps, HJ limps ($85 stack), Hero raises to $15, BTN calls, LJ calls, HJ calls. 4 way
($63) 4 7 8 - LJ checks, HJ leads $15, Hero raises to $45, HJ moves all in to $70, Hero calls $25
($203) K
($203) 2
V shows 7 8

(After we raise it is a mandatoty call. Would you raise?)
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