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River too thin?

1 3 game. Im in mid pos KcQs. I raise to 15. Button calls, bb calls. Button is a big fish. Bb i dont know but typical young kid w headphones. Flop comes AcKc9d. Chked around. Turn is 2h. Chk chk and button bets 20 into 45. Bb calls . i call. I put button on like a weak king. I believe hed bet an ace on the flop. And the bb ona draw? River is 9h. Chk . i bet 45. I think i have the best hand and weaker will call.weaker king? Button folds and bb calls. He has Acjd. Maybe he thought i had ak? Chking this flop and turn? That is weird to me. Thoughts? Too thin on the river? I was betting for value.


  • BartBart Posts: 5,787AdministratorLeadPro
    Is the board runout really Ac Kc 9d 2h 9h ? Because if thats the case you are chopping vs a weaker king. 3 handed on the river thats way way too think for value especially when you cant beat anything when called. Even if the river was an 8 I still think its too thin against two other opponents.
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 416Subscriber
    Yeah but i thought the way played a weaker king would call (yeah i think the river was an 8) and would any ace from eother opponent play this way? My thought anyways. Maybe so .. In that case it would be too thin.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,983SubscriberProfessional
    Once checked to me on the turn, I like a small bet for value from worse Kings and Flush Draws. Neither opponent is going to show up with an ace very often.

    As played, I don't like the river bet at all. Seems too optimistic to get him off a king after you never put in any aggressive actions postflop. You look like exactly what you have. Check/call hoping he bluffs a FD. At worst you're chopping.
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 416Subscriber
    Im not trying to get him off a k. Im trying to get a worse k to call. I misspoke. Rivee was an 8. I dont think he betsa fd on the turn. If he was going to he wouldve on the flop.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,983SubscriberProfessional
    Okay, then the bet on the river is fine, though I still like a bet on the turn prior to that.
  • EarlyCuyler Posts: 10Subscriber
    Betting the turn here 100% with the action given. He's not supposed to have an ace there by that point.
  • JLBJ Posts: 141Subscriber
    Bet the turn after being checked to twice, then check river after being called. As played, I would check to the button again, planning to bluff-catch. When the blind then called, you can fold.
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