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SB vs BB spot close to the money

250€, 250k gtd live mtt

Villain doesnt seem very experienced. Maybe read a few articles online and played a few mtts. Acts like a wannabe pro.
Hero is sitting at the table for 2 orbits. In this 2 orbits villain lost a big pot with KQ vs AK. He raised utg K5s as bigstack and called a 12bb allin from CO and lost. When he was in sb he put bb allin for 15bb with 93s and lost vs JJ. He doubled me up with AJ vs my 77. He had a huge stack and lost a lot of it in 2 orbits and looks kinda crushed and little bit tilty.

Blinds 10k/20k, 20k btn ante
Avg 600k
Hero 630k
Villain 550k
30 players remain, 19 players advance to day 2. Every player on day 2 has at least a mincash of 500€.

Folds to hero in sb. Hero raises 65k with A Q , villain in bb thinks for 5 sec and moves allin with 550k (27,5bb). Not mincashing is not the end of the world. Goal is obviously to win the tournanemnt. We know we are ahead of his range. Hero?


  • CycleV Posts: 844Subscriber
    Well it all depends on how wide you think he's pushng. If you think 25% (basically any A, any pair, any sooted BW, few other hands), this is a pretty clear call. You have to adjust based on what you think his shoving range is, none of us were there so we can't really judge.

    Are you familiar with ICMizer? www.icmpoker.com
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