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Interesting 3/6 online spot?

Online 3/6 6 max. Utg makes it 18. Button calls. I have AA76nut hearts in Sb. I call (utg button and me are 1600 effective so very deep.) anybody 3-bet anyway? BB also calls.

Flop 4 ways (72) 742 rainbow 1 heart. I check. BB (complete spazz artist, just stacked him twice with unbelievably bad plays) pots 72. (220 behind). This guy can anything between K high and a 2.

Utg calls (I likely suspect a 1 pair hand here QQ-AA possibly) button calls. Very wide range here could even be just a pair of 4’s with the price he’s getting.

Now on me. 1600 effective with button and utg (PFR). I can see options for all 3. I think a squeeze will iso BB a lot but we are so deep I don’t want to play a turn for 175 BB with 1 pair. Do we call getting a great price? Or fold cause it’s hard to realize our equity 4 ways?

I call.

Turn 3 (360) bringing a fd not mine. I’m giving up. But it checks through.

River(360) 5x no flush. Giving me 2nd nut straight.

I thought about betting as I likely have the best hand, but I check to maybe pick off BB who’ll spazz again.

So I check BB checks PFR pots it 360. Button folds. Now I think this is probably an easy call. Since utg probably doesn’t have 86 because he doesn’t have 865. (865 bets turn when he makes nuts 4 ways with a fd and checked to) but does anybody raise here? Maybe we get him off a chop? Maybe it looks like a bluff and he calls light? How would you guys play this hand?

I thought it was pretty interesting, thoughts?


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,296Pro
    Pre. Knowing the description later in the hand of BB I would raise pre often even this deep. While I advocate passive play live in this spot, online, even this deep people will fold so raises to isolate will work more than live thus are more valuable even deep oop. Mixing in some flats to have strong hands in your flatting range is also good online (you won’t hear me using that logic much live)

    Flopi think call is my least favorite option. Since you did not raise pre and you could be silly wide here this is a great check raise spot. You are also deep enough to fold if you cr and someone jams. I may even like fold more than call. oop 4 ways sucks even if you had good turn visibility but only two cards really make your turn life easy.

    River as played I would call a lot. Raise seems like you don’t get called by worse enough.

    I’m far from an online expert so I defer to those who play online more than I do now
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 281Subscriber
    edited November 2018
    Responding first without reading FreeLunch's reply.

    Pre: I think this is a 3-bet even given the position and the mediocre nature of your hand. If you're too tight with your 3-bets online, anyone running a stat-tracker on your play is going to be able to see you 3B a tighter range than normal. Could hurt future action against regs. Unless you really balance your 3bets, I like a raise here.

    Flop: I'm fine with the call, too much action on the flop and you're right about making things tougher by getting more BB's in, and we're always going to be out of position, no matter who it is against.

    Turn: Check fine

    River: Calling seems fine. I raise the BB given the player profile, but UTG is described as being better. My guess is you're rarely getting called by worse, and targeting his 65 hands to fold out won't work 100% of the time. Then there is the percentage of the time he has hands like 689T and you're getting is crammed back in your face.
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