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To bluff or not to bluff in this 3! pot with 53s

WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
edited November 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$5/$5 NLHE Cash Game at Hawaiian Gardens in LA, 9-handed. Effective stack was about $620 and my villain has me covered.

Villain has been showing down good hands and got a big stack. He has been open raising a lot of hands in the last couple of orbits. Because he has been only showing down value hands that feels very standard (i.e. AK on Kxx board), I don't have any great reads yet in terms of his playing range.

For this hand, the UTG, UTG+1, UTG+2 folds, Villain MP1 opens for $15, HJ called, I am on the Button with 5d3d. I saw MP1 opened a lot with his big stack so I decided to 3-bet in position to $65, SB and BB folds. MP1 calls, HJ folds. Pot is heads-up with $150 in the middle.

Flop is Qs6d2s. MP1 checks, I bet $55, Villain calls.

Turn is 3h. Pot is now $265. MP1 checks, I bet $125. Villain calls.

River is 7c. Pot is $515. MP1 checks, hero should?

The turn was a key point in this hand. I don't want to give the pot over to my villain unless he has top pair Q or better. I hit like 3rd pair on the turn but I don't think I have much showdown value here. That's why I chose to bet again.

River is a brick. So the question is whether my villain will fold everything that is not top pair with Q or better. I don't think he has a set or a straight because I would have heard from him on the flop or the turn.

What should I do on this river?


  • fishcake Posts: 962Subscriber
    Yuck. Sizing and hand selection sucks pre.
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
    I am trying to go for a polarized 3-betting range preflop.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,024Subscriber
    Yeah, the big problem with the hand preflop is the stack sizes. You only started with 125 BBs. That in and of itself should yield a linear 3bet range. Go ahead and dump it.

    I also don't like the turn sizing. I think you can either bomb it and take the free showdown on the end, or bet a little smaller to set up a river bomb. You're trying to make a hand like KQ very uncomfortable, and $125 on the turn isn't doing that, and it doesn't rough him up now, nor set up a good sizing for you on the river.

    As played, take your showdown since you don't block any spades. I can't imagine he gets to this point on this sizing and now folds a queen.
    by 1CycleV
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,856Subscriber
    if we were to 3b, id make it bigger pre and would go for a more exploitative flop bet size cause of board texture and our range.

    probably bet closer to 1/2, think the 1/3 sizing here is way to small and unless we plan to bomb turns, we keep in so many hands that call flop.
    by 1CycleV
  • Letmewin1 Posts: 1,239Member
    WillHungPoker said:
    I am trying to go for a polarized 3-betting range preflop.
    Your selection for a polar 3! range needs a bit of more research/study, don’t try to copy what you hear on the top section pods understand it first and then trial and error.
    Sorry bud but 53s in this spot with these eff. Stacks vs a player that has showed down the goods is just pure ego/entitlement tilt.
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
    Okay, so I decided to bet $300 as a bluff and he actually decided to call with 5s6s! My read was right but I still lost this pot. I agree with @dpbuck and @neverlearn2 that I either need to bet bigger on the flop or the turn.

    However, looking back at this hand, I do think I can choose hands like 56s or 76s as 3-bet bluffs instead of 53s. I put myself in a bad spot and it's hands like these that will get me into trouble. I felt like I am giving away my winrate or my edge.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,096Subscriber
    Letmewin1 said:
    [quote="WillHungPoker;114696"] don’t try to copy what you hear on the top section pods understand it first and then trial and error.
    This all day. Yes there are some V's in the 5/5 and below pool who understand deeper concepts, but applying pro strategy for games that are over 300BB deep, to lower stakes and shallower stacks, is a case of, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." Things like polarized 3 bets and downsizing c-bets, I think they have a place but only a limited one.
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