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Facing weird check raise on the river with marginal top pair in 2! pot in position

$5/$5 NLHE Cash Game at Hawaiian Gardens in LA
Effective stack was $535 and my villain has me covered. Villain is a middle aged Asian guy dressing like a businessman.

There was a straddle $10 from UTG. Villain open limps from MP for $10. Other people folded, and I was at the Button with 9dTd. I raised to $50. MP calls, everyone else folds. Pot is heads-up at $120.

Flop is 9h8c3s. Villain checks, I bet $60, he calls. Pot is $240.

Turn is 4d. Villain and I checked.

River is 2c. Villain checked, I bet $125 for value. Villain check raised to $425 putting me all-in. Should I call?


  • fishcake Posts: 990Subscriber
    Easy Fold ugh.
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 88Subscriber
    Is it because you don’t think he is capable of bluff raising river with his betting line?
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,046Subscriber
    I think you need to size down on the river. Your hand (and range) aren't strong enough after checking the turn for over half-pot sized bet. You really need to be betting super-small. I may bet $60-$70 or so.

    As played, I do think this is a fold on the river. Checkraise bluffs are almost non-existent, especially on this type runout and your size river bet. Give him props if he took this line with 67...
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 88Subscriber
    Yeah, I should just fold this spot. My villain had 44 for a set of 4's on the turn. Just needed to fold and hate life...

    But what do you think about betting small on the turn and checking the river with my marginal top pair hand?
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,046Subscriber
    Either bet turn and check river, or check turn and bet river. This is a two street hand, max. I probably check turn and bet thin on the river, but betting thin on turn can't be that bad.
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 1,143Subscriber
    My decision to bet turn or river is based on the V type. If V is likely to bluff with his missed draws, but less likely to call a second barrel with them, check the turn or bet small so he can bluff river. But if V is more sticky than bluffy, the type to call a turn bet (after a flop cbet) with dumb hands like GS + and over or two, then definitely squeeze out some more value ott and check river.
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