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Interesting River w/ J-hi

Hero has a good winning image and covers table;

V- BTN is a Loose Passive Rec; shown to be VERY sticky; (eg called EP pfr flop and turn barrel with 22 on a middling board)

5/5 NL
800 effective w/ V OTB

Ep bad Reg limps
Jd9d CO 25, V Btn calls, bb and limp calls = 4 ways
Tx3s7s (100)
X x 60, btn call, fold fold = HU
Turn Tx (220)
140, call
River Asss (500)

@Bart - given our image, board texture, weak V's, should we be barreling? Normally, I would shut down OTT, but V is non-believing...

OTR, doesn't the As weight sticky V to calling with marginal hands that we can get to fold? (88, 99, 7x, Tx?)


  • BartBart Posts: 5,693AdministratorLeadPro
    edited November 2018
    First of all, I would rarely be cbetting this board vs 3 opponents. And the times that I did I would want to have a backdoor diamond draw to go along with the gutshot. But even then it would only be a slight partial. You are third to act so there is a very good chance you will see a free card if the button checks behind.

    Turn I definitely give up.. Button called next to act and is weighted towards Tx hands even with his given characterization. On the river betting would be an absolute spew. If 90% of his hands are Tx and spade draws and the spade comes in, what do you think he has? A sticky villain isnt going to fold a ten. You also block some of the hands you think you can bluff off the hand like 99 and 89.. Bart
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