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Out of Position Top Set

jeffreyneuman Posts: 19Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Last night 5/10 live , 4 limpers , in SB with JhJc , raise to 80$ , one caller , villain has about 1700 he is semi reg but does not play professionally , i have him covered . Flop , Jd, 7d 4c . Lead for 120 , he raises to 375 , how do i get most value in this situation ?


  • Why don't you put the guy on a range and we can go from there? What's the position of the caller? It makes a difference. Given the limited info we have I'd say his range is weighted more towards flush draws, combo draws like T9d, T8d, 98d, 65d, and sets. Sometimes he'll have TT or 88 and raise because he "put you on AK" and occasionally he'll have air. Against this range you should reraise because he isn't going anywhere and it makes it easier to get stacks in by the river.

    If you get cute and flat here, what's your plan for the turn? Donk? Check raise blanks? What if a diamond falls?
  • If you reraise only better calls. Maybe draws call but probably not. You could chk raise small I guess than donk turn. I'm not sure I like reraising here unless its small. You can chk raise turn if hes aggressive of course that player dependant.
  • jeffreyneuman Posts: 19Member
    The caller was the 2nd limper in late middle position , he is primarily a Omaha player now but use to play a lot of NLHE , he would be familiar with me and view me as a TAG. Because of the limp call his range is very wide here , KdQd is very possible as well as 6 combos containing sets , I weight his range heavily towards a flush draw Ax or Kx of diamonds which I am pretty sure he will fold to a raise , also he could have a combo draw like 5d6d , 8d9d etc. which gives him flush and str8 possibilities . I think he will call a raise with his sets and strong combo draws , I am concerned he will check behind his naked flush draws . If I flat here and lead a non diamond turn concerned that line combined with my image and size of the future bet will look very strong & he will fold , If I check the turn and he is drawing he will check behind and get 2 cards free and fold if he misses & I lead river . The pot with his raise is over 500$ now , I am thinking Bart's aggressive action theorem and decide to re raise him 490$ which if he calls leaves him less than a pot sized bet left . I would shove any non diamond turn . He folds which makes me wonder if there was a better line I could have taken , hence this post .
  • Jeff I have no problem with your line here. Becuase you really crush the deck (top set) it is highly unlikely that he is raising to "see where he is at" with a hand like AJ. Even though he folded you have to understand that he is not putting any more money in the pot with his air once you call or a hand like TT. If you pay this cute and just flat you lose out on a lot of value from draws that will call your reraise. You also risk the slight chance that a card will come to kill the action of the entire hand.
  • I'd raise. I think you played it well.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    jeffreyneuman said

    Last night 5/10 live , 4 limpers , in SB with JhJc , raise to 80$ , one caller , villain has about 1700 he is semi reg but does not play professionally , i have him covered . Flop , Jd, 7d 4c . Lead for 120 , he raises to 375 , how do i get most value in this situation ?
    We don't have enough information.. If he is super aggressive then I will just call and see how much he bets on turn. I will probably call again and then check raise the river depending on what hits.

    If the player is a good player who sees me as tight then I will probably also call then either lead or check depending on the turn and most likely lead the river.

    If they are bad players who wont fold then I will just re-raise and get it in..

    villains range can be quite different depending on whether he is aggressive or passive tight or loose. From sets to tp to combo draws..

  • Rhino Posts: 3Subscriber
    I gotta agree with da hammah. Passive players will call too much. But aggressive players will bet off more than they call. How to play this hand depends on how your opponent plays and that tells us how to exploit them. I hate to raise a guy who is raise folding and I hate to flat a guy who's calling any bet.

  • Arenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    It is hard to double through by allowing the V to do your bidding. Any 8, 9, T, or D will freeze you and kills your action. IMO, raising is better then flatting, it is just a matter of the amount. I think the OP played the hand well.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    I like the bet-3bet.
    If he has a set - you obv getting it in now which is great (before any scare cards come)
    If he has a draw - why would u give him a free card now?
    If he folds to your bet-3bet - oh well, nothing you can do.

    The only alternative line is to call and donk the non diamond turn for like 590.
    If he has a draw he can possibly call that bet but then you def not getting anything more on river.

    So to summarize - if he has a set - we stack him anyway, so we don't have to worry about that.
    If he has a big draw - bet-3betting gives us the best chance to get stacks in being up like ~70%

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