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Top set of Aces

1/2 PLO
9 handed
UTG opens to 7 (220 behind)
EP call (95 behind)
MP Calls (67 behind)
LJ calls (covers)
I call from CO w A A Q 5 (237 behind)
button calls (covers)
bb calls

In my mind these aces fall in to the "bad aces"... side cards are not connected and heavy in hearts. I'm basically set minning. Bad way to think about this hand pre?

7 way
Flop (50) A 8 7
checks to me...
I bet 20
Button calls
MP calls

I dont want to check and give a free card... i also wanted to see if turn was "safe" before a I put in a big bet.

Turn (110) K
Mp checks
i bet 100
button calls
mp folds

Now im using the fact that i have the A in my hand... i think a decent bet will fold out all wraps.

River (310) 6
I have 117 left
I decide to check... Planning on check folding if he bets

What are your thoughts?


  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,288Pro
    Pre. If you are not raising here then what do you raise? Good position, good hand - just raise. You dont need to have a trappy part of your range in position. The few shorter stacks will be in an odd SPR position if one or 2 of them calls but its just not worth worrying about in this spot. The 5 is not great I agree but between the Q and the 5 there are lots of wheel and broadway draw equity you could pick up so they are not terrible either. Limping this in ep is fine tho.

    On flop. SPR is really low for many - board leans more dynamic with lots of hands in v ranges that will call. I would be larger - closer to pot. Im all for variance lowering strategies but not thinking about them so much as waiting until safe - think more about getting them to make more expensive mistakes.

    Turn - well the hand should really have committed on the flop what to say here in a spot I dont think you should be in. But now im confused - the villians that had more than $100 folded right?

  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 268Subscriber
    edited November 19
    This hand a grimace all the way around, I just don't like the plays and the thought process. It sounds to me like you're overcomplicating a lower-variance strategy into an approach that is having you consider making the wrong plays. I'd encourage more hand examples like this so you can fully understand when to push, and when to back off the gas.

    Pre: Raise all the time. Not the world's best Aces, but you are very happy if someone 3B's you, and you create easier SPR decisions for your hand OTF.

    Flop: You flop the nuts and cover the best draw, the consideration of checking is alarming to me. You're in a 7-way PLO hand with a FD and smooth SD on the board, giving a free card is suicide. Even though there isn't the NFD possible in your opponent's range, there are more than enough hands that will come along for a full bet at this stake. Bet pot and narrow the field.

    Turn: Ks sucks b/c it makes any FD hands, but I bet big here as well. I don't think you're deep enough to put a big bet OTR, but I prefer that play over checking the turn.

    River: As played I follow through with the bluff and go AI. Your check allows him to check back any medium or crappy flushes he was holding on to OTT, check back any TwoPair+SDs that might've now made the best hand, and of course he can bluff you with some of his other hands. I don't like the check fold line if the button is any kind of player. Put the onus on your opponents. Don't make yourself easy to play against. Make them worry about the spots YOU put them in, not vice versa.

    Down the line this will also help you get paid when you do have the nuts here. You have to be willing to turn the stiff Ace over once in a while if you're going to be a PLO reg and get value/make credible bluffs. This is a credible bluff spot.

  • CycleV Posts: 679Subscriber
    imo "Bad aces" would be no suits (or monotone) and no SD. These might not be great aces, but they are definitely good ones.

    Another difference is that we have position here. I understand just limp-calling a hand like AA96r from early or mid position (depending on stack sizes).

    In my game with a $5 bring in and eff stacks usually 300+, and minimal FE to a single raise, I'm with you in that I'm not skilled enough to bloat a pot with bad aces. But here, you've got lots going for you, including the fact that if you pot it pre to 45 the shorties will either fold (thanks for the dead money, guys) or they might just gii and EP jam would open the door for you to re-jam. (A raise pre to 35 and either shortie could accomplish this.)
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