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$5/$10 - TT Overpair Multiway

dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,024Subscriber
$5/$10 at Winstar

Very good tourney player, but ABC cash player ($1600) opens UTG $35. Hero (covers all) UTG2 TcTs calls. MP, CO, BTN, BB all call with a variety of skill levels and stack sizes between $800 and $3000.

Pot $210. Flop 4h7d8d. BB check. UTG check. Hero bets $150...

A) Raise, Call, or Fold Pre?
B) Bet flop? Sizing?


  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    I flat TT here. It is very hard to win big pots with it vs a solid UTG range, while we get to win massively every now and again when we hit our set. Furthermore, every now and again smaller stacks squeeze from behind and we get to stack them.

    As played I am using pretty much the exact sizing on flop, but wouldn't have a hard time to fold vs aggression, especially from the overcallers behind me who hit this board hard, as well as the BB.
  • Superfly Posts: 380Subscriber
    edited November 2018
    Even EP vs EP, TT is a 3B according to Ki’s charts. Your hand shows why - your equity drops from 56% vs UTG heads up to only 20% 6-way.

    As played I like a 40% cbet here for value/protection. That will thin the field. I don’t think a larger size accomplishes any more on a wet, dynamic board. But maybe that’s my flop conservatism showing through again. Maybe you’re supposed to be getting as much money into the pot as possible on the flop? I’ll be interested to hear what others say. @KiLee?
  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    Pre is a clear 3b especially ep vs ep. We can mix on some flats from BTN, but 3b/fold works better the more up front we are since we end up with position. Flop sizing a bit large, but not too bad. I'd personally go ~$120.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    Just to give an idea about strategies on different training sites. On rio a similar Spot came up with Kopanskiy (Great Coach and super good Analyst of PIO solver sims) and he advised for flatting TT and JJ vs tight UTG (fr). Of course this is not the same pool, one is high stakes online, the other mid stakes live, yet I still wanted to share.
    This isn’t as clear of a spot as you make it out to be and solely looking at equity doesn’t end the discussions, because all hands equity drops significantly multiway vs hu.
    I am not even against 3betting, just don’t think this is as black and white.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    Have to agree though, position and playability are definitely a strong pro for 3betting preflop.
  • maphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I wouldn't flat a single hand here. TT is strong enough to 3b.
    Postflop is a bad spot with that many players and could even be a checkfold. If we bet we want to bet pretty small, around 30% pot.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 386Subscriber
    edited November 2018
    At 160bb eff, I think flatting pre is fine. If eff stacks were 200bb +, this should prob be 3! pre.

    I think we have to bet when checked to here. I like the larger sizing as this is mostly a protection bet against 5 players. I’d be very concerned with field callers either calling or raising. Prob just trying to get to showdown as cheap as possible against them.

    The pfr’s range doesn’t connect as well here. I’d be willing to bet turn if he’s the only caller and the board is friendly for our hand. If he c/r’s, I’d have to think about how many draws he could do this with vs his value range (set combos and over pairs) then make a decision from there.
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