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Incorrect fold? $1-$3 NL

First post in these forums, looking forward to everyone's thoughts...

Playing live $1/$3 Graton Casino NorCal, table mostly regs and a few rec players. Most I am familiar with as this is where I mainly play. Pretty much straight forward players except button is fairly aggressive every time in position and will likely have a wider range than rest of the table. I have been at the table for about 30-40 minutes and hit some decent size hands early. Sitting with approx $500 from a $300 starting stack.

Hero in SB w/ 5 8
UTG (eff $250) min raises to $6, 4 callers behind including aggressive button (eff $350). I call also, 6 to the flop. Pot $31 ($5 rake removed)
Flop: 3 4 6
I check, UTG bets $15, 3 folds, Button calls, I call. Pot $76
Turn: A
I check, UTG bets $30, Button raises to $75. I tank, somewhat lost in this spot. I end up folding

I think I am supposed to call here. I'm pretty sure my hand is disguised, I have not shown much of my earlier wins except some decent sized pocket pairs at showdown. There's $181 in the middle now, but I couldn't tell if UTG was going to shove here or if we could play the river. I put UTG on a middling pair 66 - 99. And button likely holding Ax type of hand, maybe A6 or A4. Can anyone tell me what the optimal play should be? This might have been a preferred fold pre, but as played?? Thanks! Also, what other factors should I be considering? What information did I miss offering in this post?


  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    Don't mind the preflop call as we are getting really good odds.

    But I would definitely raise the flop here. We have a lot of equity and can comfortably barrel turns and possibly river. Besides you squeeze the UTG and put him under more pressure as BU is left to act.
    As played I would fold for the reasons given, UTG is left to act and if he moves in we could be in a dicey spot.

    For the future, if you have any info more on the villains add it. Now other than bu being aggressive, we don't know anything the other players, like UTG.
  • BTPoker Posts: 32Subscriber
    Thank you Mr Special. I realized I left out more detail about players involved and will include more next hand posted. Thank you for your thoughts. I contemplated betting out on flop instead of checking, but a check raise here you think would have been the better path?
  • sivaddivad Posts: 339Subscriber
    Typically hands with a ton of equity but little showdown value make create bluff check raise candidates.

    Raising the flop, given this action, is generally going to be more profitable than calling.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 431Subscriber
    edited November 2018
    I agree with the other comments. Great equity with no sdv and dead money in pot makes this a raise for me otf.

    Turn’s a little dicey. If I thought utg was passive or stationey, I might call. Otherwise I prob fold.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    but a check raise here you think would have been the better path?
    Yes, I do. This board hits the blinds range hard and we have a lot of equity. Means this hands is great to multiple barrel and put a lot of pressure on one pair hands.
  • CycleV Posts: 1,141Subscriber
    As played, the turn fold is fine. You're quite possible up against a better FD, especially an Axss hand.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,972AdministratorLeadPro
    CycleV said:
    As played, the turn fold is fine. You're quite possible up against a better FD, especially an Axss hand.
    Doubtful that Ax is going to suddenly raise the turn, but its possible. You hand is too good to fold on the turn, imo, but the flop should DEFINITELY be a check raise. Bart
  • BTPoker Posts: 32Subscriber
    All of your feedback is tremendously helpful. I look forward to sharing more hands and hopefully offering some helpful advice in return.
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
    Welcome to the CLP forums. I like the way you played this hand. Preflop is a call given the odds we're getting.
    I'm not sure the flop is a check-raise like others are suggesting. On one hand, we have a range advantage and a lot of equity. However, we have an early position preflop raiser cbetting into 5 other people here. That typically does not mean we have much fold equity. This spot depends on your read of the preflop raiser. Do you think he's capable of folding an overpair to a check-raise? With his stack he might just go with it.
    I think the turn is a fold. The preflop raiser bets again into multiple people when an A hits the board. The button then raises, which to me screams strength in this spot, especially given his bet sizing. It seems to me the button is saying he has an ace beat. This could be one of those terrible spots where we are up against a made hand and a better draw, neither of which appear to be interested in folding. I think it's likely our only live outs are non-spade straight cards. Add the fact that we aren't even closing the action and this is a fold.
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