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Range question - top pair K pairing on the turn - what to do OOP HU

WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
edited December 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hi everyone,
This hand came up at a $5/$5 session at the Hawaiian Gardens last night. V is unknown younger Asian guy, probably a regular. He was up a lot. Eff. H 600, 9-handed

UTG straddle 10, H UTG+1 35, V UTG+2 C, UTG C, pot is 115 3-way
KdJc8s, UTG X, H 75, V C, UTG F
Kh, H X and V X
5c, H ?

I just sat down at the table so my opening range was very tight. It was 77+, A5s, A4s, AQ+, all suited Broadway, T9s, 98s, 87s, and J9s. My opening range was 140/1326 combos, just 10.6% of all possible hands.

On the flop, it was KdJc8s.

Let's start with value hands first:
AA - 6 combos
KJs - 2 combos
AKo - 9 combos
AKs - 3 combos
JJ - 3 combos
88 - 3 combos
KQs - 3 combos

I have 29 combos for value hands. I am having KK and KTs as my strong hands in my checking range.

My bluffs:
QTs - 4 combos
Ad5d, Ad5c, Ad5s - 3 combos
Ad4d, Ad4c, Ad4s - 3 combos
T9s - 4 combos
ATs - 4 combos
AQs - 4 combos
AQo - 12 combos
98s - 3 combos
87s - 3 combos

I have 40 combos for bluffs and semibluffs.

So I am betting about 50% of the time on the flop and checking 50% of the time.

My bluff to value hands ratio is about 1.33:1.

But the inflection point of this hand was the Kh, for a board of KdJc8s. I am not sure how to construct a reasonable betting range here.

Again, let's start with value hands first:
KK - 1 combo (checked the flop)
KTs - 2 combos (checked the flop)
KJs - 2 combos
AKo - 6 combos
AKs - 2 combos
88 - 3 combos
KQs - 2 combos

I only have 16 combos for value hands.

There are no possible backdoor flush draws, so my only good bluffs are OESD, so they are QTs and T9s, 4 combos each, 8 combos total.

So what should be my strategy here on the turn? And what should be my strategy be on the river 5c (blank)?

One thing worth pointing out based on stack sizes is that if I bet the turn about 50% - 60% pot, then I can shove the river for my remaining 350-360 for about 60% pot on the river.

@Bart and @KiLee - what do you think about this spot? It's a tricky spot for me because I have a hard time constructing betting and checking ranges for this one.


  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    What position is V?
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
    @MrSpecial V is UTG+2 directly to my left. Sorry - forgot to include that. Fixed it.
  • KiLeeKiLee Posts: 262Pro
    edited December 2018
    Will, Nice job on constructing a solid flop betting range. This is good for HU, but in multiway pots, we bluff less, protect less, and check strong hands less. We play more straight forward and "ABC." So my bluffing range here would be a lot smaller where I pass on betting with the weaker parts of our range.

    OTT when the K pairs, this usually forces us to check a big portion of our range. Yes, we will certainly have a double barreling range, but it would be a small betting range that consists up Kx, FH, and some draws. It will be a little polar where a lot of our medium strength hands will be checked. With no FD present, we can include some GS like AQ in our betting range along with Qts/T9s. Just make sure that the value:bluff ratio is good on the turn. We need to have some decent hands in our checking range so that we can bluff catch the river and also go for a BXB for thin value.

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