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Weird donk bet from someone who limp called raise preflop on Kxx flop

$5/$5 NLHE cash game at Hawaiian Gardens
V is unknown Indian guy, recreational player, eff. V 905
V UTG+2 L, H MP Ad5d 30, V C, pot is 70 HU
Ks8d5s, V 75 (!), H C, pot is 220
Kh, V X, H 150, V XR all-in 800, H F

On the flop, I had a hand that has equity and backdoor flush draw with overcard and bottom pair. I thought it was a clear call because even though I don't have any reads on this guy, I seen other guys in the player pool donk bet with all kinds of weird stuff from 2nd pair, pocket pairs from 22-99, flush draws, and straight draws.

On the turn, I am trying to fold out 8x and pairs below the 8. It would be great if I can fold out my opponent's OESD and flush draws but I don't think that is realistic. It is also unusual for this guy to check the turn with Kx. It's possible but unlikely.

Unfortunately, I got check-raised off my hand. So my question is: should I check the turn to induce bluffs instead?


  • BartBart Posts: 5,958AdministratorLeadPro
    It's probably close. But I would favor betting your hand for protection/bluff/value from draws over say a hand like QQ if you though your opponent had a check raise turn frequency. If your opponent called on turn what would you have dont on non spade river from 9 through A?
    by 1PBJTIME
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
    edited December 2018
    My plan was to check for showdown value if I get called on the turn.
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
    I agree that many players will donk bet the flop with some weaker value hands but not many of them use this large sizing. I think given his bet sizing and that he's an unknown player I might check back the turn here and then evaluate the river.
  • WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
    That may have been the better option. It's hard to tell.
  • Chase Posts: 122Subscriber
    With this SPR, a flop-raise potentially has a lot of fold equity (and we have some robust equity even if we get called.)
    ...I seen other guys in the player pool donk bet with all kinds of weird stuff from 2nd pair, pocket pairs from 22-99, flush draws, and straight draws...
    At this SPR, we can put a lot of pressure on his draws by raising the flop. He might stack off with the NFD, but with weaker draws he is going to be in a tough spot. It's very unlikley (just based on combos) that V has a set or two-pair (and then decides to donk lead those hands).

    A potential problem with raising the flop would be if V has a lot of KX in his donking range that he isn't going to fold (a rec player may or may not stack off with a hand like KQ, and we block AK). It would also suck to raise the flop and then get jammed on by the NFD.

  • fishcake Posts: 964Subscriber
    I think just folding the flop is more than okay.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,569Subscriber
    I seen other guys in the player pool donk bet with all kinds of weird stuff from 2nd pair, pocket pairs from 22-99, flush draws, and straight draws.
    While this may be true at times and I don't play in CA, my hunch is that the majority of the time, these donk bets are NOT pot size and are typically NOT with an A or K hi flop into the PFR. They are probably more likely "probing" bets to "see where they are at" or block bets. Pot size donk bets on a K high flop indicate a solid made hand like 88 or a limped AK. the issue with calling is that I think there are times you are drawing dead to a BD flush and a number of times an Ace or 5 will get you in trouble.
  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    Since this player is a total unknown its possible he is making some plays that are more correct than other unknowns are.
    A lot of times when opponents donk bet the flop its with top pair, a medium overpair of like 99-88 on say like a 6 high board, or a draw.
    Now with that being said I think most "good" players might choose to bet there good hands here as a lead. We don't know how good or how bad he is, so yeah he could be doing something silly like betting 99, but he could also be betting 88.
    The pot sized bet is vaguely unusual, but I don't think its that weird given the size of the game. If he did flop a set of 8's or whatever and wanted to protect his hand against draws, a $40 bet in a Southern California $5/5 game is probably going to be called without a second thought.
    I think I'd probably just give up on the flop. As played though with him leading the flop then check raising the turn, it feels a lot like he has a very big hand here probably trip Kings? Maybe an underfull? The bet sizing of his all in is kinda large, I think he would want to size smaller with a full house, but on the other hand his stack size doesn't allow a lot of creativity. A min raise is probably scarier than a shove... raising to like $500 and leaving $300 behind is weird...
    I'd check the turn but I don't think it'd be to induce bluffs, I'd be looking to get to showdown. Maybe if all the draws brick calling a river bet is ok sometimes, but I dont think its a must call.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,446Subscriber
    I like Xing the turn.
    QQ isn't folding.
    A FD isn't folding and has a lot of equity vs your hand.
    Kx is a very likely hand which again isn't folding.
    Xing also tells a better story that you have the FD. So if the river comes and he Xs when the FD comes you can rep it.
    If a blank comes and he checks, you can also bluff if you like.

    To me since you have very little fold equity OTT vs high equity in his hand I'd rather gain more information on his hand to the river. He might bluff a busted FD on the river too.

    Also his Kx/boat hands vastly outnumber his FD hands.
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