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4bet sizing when OOP and super deep stacked (400bb)

Hero opens AA UTG to 15. MP ($1200) 3bets to 55, folds back to hero. Sizing?

Hero opens AA UTG to 15. MP ($1200) 3bets to 55, SB (also $1200 deep cold calls$ back to hero. Sizing?


  • WillHungPoker Posts: 84Subscriber
    The default answer is something like between 2.6x to 3x the 3-bet size, so it's like $150 to $160.

    However, it'll be helpful to have a read because you want to go for the maximum amount of money they are willing to call. With stacks super deep, going to a bet like $200 to $220 can be better because you want the SPR to be below 3. This way, your plan is to get all the chips in the middle and stack off on most flops.
  • Beatsme Posts: 585Subscriber
    Yeah I like going to around 215 in this spot 1. I don't think someone will 3 bet to 55 then fold to a raise less than 200.

    With the sb dead money in there im going bigger obviously. That cold call should be pretty strong. Also if you go big it will look like you are just trying to end the pot right there and collect all that "dead money". I like going 250-300. Really depends on game flow imo. If 300 looks to strong of a bet back off a little to 250.
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