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5/10 - facing weird line in 3bet pot

Wild 5/10 game.
V is mawg regular that seems to be a big looser but is universally liked because he brings action and is very polite. Very loose pre, showed down 62s in big pot, was caught bluffing twice (but not 3 street bluffs). Mostly limp calls. Also has minraised tp on flop a few times. 2.3k

Hero, early 30s, played tag style so far, but probably 3betting the most at the table so far as he got good hands and spots. 2.5k

V UTG2 30, 1 call (MP2), Hero AsAc CO r 130, V c, MP2 folds.

Flop 3h4h7d V 100, Hero c.
7s V 250, Hero c.
8d V 600, Hero?


  • hustlin Posts: 289Subscriber
    Calling here . Your near top of your range.

    Villain can have weaker pairs from 99-KK.
    Busted flush , many of them.

    They’re not too many 7x combos except for 76s and 87s. That’s if villain even opens w that EP.

    Yah calling here pretty confidently.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    For me it was also a question whether I should raise the flop or not?
  • NikTheGreek Posts: 36Subscriber
    Im definitely raising this flop. All the hands that bet for value are calling a decent raise as well as flush draws.
  • Jwhoover Posts: 20Subscriber
    Raing flop here 100% of the time vs V, can’t think of why we aren’t raising. We give ourselves protection, charge draws, balance our range when we want to be able to raise with draws. Build a pot vs a worse opponent. As played our hand is so under repped, I may look to jam river, if he lead with 56 or a set gg. I guess he has a 7 here some of the time, but from my experince it is a middling hand or hearts. I even like sizing it up pre if he is loose.

    Flop he leads 1/3 pot, I am raising based on stack depth. If we are 2.2k effective, I like 340 flop raise, then re evaluate turn. We can check back turn or bomb, I like either. If you want to check back turn here part of the time amd just call rivers for pot control thats fine. Typically vs bad players I would want to build the pot, guess we can bet fold turn a small % depending on player creative ability. I am probably betting 500 on the turn and shipping river.

    He have like a T7 hand? not sure ive ever seen a hand posted like this where AA just wins lol
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,001Subscriber
    A flat on the flop isn't terrible, but I'm usually raising here. I'd like to flat the bigger overpairs with a heart in them.

    Once I don't raise the flop and get this runout, though, a calldown is standard. Villain is going to be polarized with this line/sizing. He's not going to show up with anything you beat that will call a raise, even getting 5:1 after you come over the top.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    Thanks for the answers. I completely agree that I should have raised and should raise in this Spots the majority of the time.

    For some reason the spoiler function is off when using my iPhone but I will update it later from home.
  • fishcake Posts: 952Subscriber
    Flop is a must raise imo. I'm calling down as played. Literally no reason not to.
  • MrSpecial Posts: 330Subscriber
    Hero snap calls and V shows 76c. Hero hates himself for not raising
  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    edited December 2018
    MrSpecial said:
    Hero snap calls and V shows 76c. Hero hates himself for not raising
    Well, say you do raise him on the flop, you would be very dissapointed if he didn't call with a hand like he had...
    Fwiw, I think that when players who are usually not so great donk into the PFR, its usually top pair or a draw, so I think raising is usually the best play. Theyre probably calling at least once if they have that top pair or a draw though.
    I know to say you "hate yourself" for not raising is far from literal, but the only thing you did wrong is not get in more money when you were ahead. If he's leading with his 7 and a gutter, I dont think hes folding if you do raise, and if he does it sucks. So I think youre always going to loose here. If he does call your raise, then we can probably pot control the turn, and play from there, but itd be very hard to fold to a river bet here... So on the bright side you accidentally lost less than you should have, so thats a win.
    Mistakes are always going to happen, we're human, but sometimes those mistakes minimize a loss. I'd take those mistakes anyday over a mistake that costs my stack lol.
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