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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 324 "What Should We call with?"

BartBart Posts: 5,957AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart discusses two big hands and deconstructs how we should go about evaluating our calling hands to polarized lines from our opponents.



  • DoubleSuitedAce Posts: 17Subscriber
    edited December 2018
    Hi Bart,

    Having lived in California for over 12 years, including the last 2.5 years in SoCal, I know that homeless is an issue in both the Bay Area and SoCal. That being said, I don't really know the WeHo area that well and didn't realize the problem had gotten so bad in your area that you are on the brink of leaving. Given that situation, with the traffic issues you mention and the cost of living, I can't really blame you for looking to leave. It hasn't gotten to that level yet in the Silicon Beach/Beach Cities area, and since I am single with no kids or pets, I can get by with renting a small apartment. But if I was married with kids, I would have moved back to Texas a long time ago given how expensive housing is around here.

    On that note, since you asked in the podcast, here are my two cents on the areas you are looking at:

    Sacramento - Pretty much agree with all of your talking points on this one. Cheaper to live than the Bay Area/SoCal, but still have to pay California income taxes. Driving distance to the casinos in the Bay Area and Reno/Tahoe, plus easy flights to LA and Vegas. And of course, already having a business relationship with Stones would certainly be a positive.

    Arizona - I did live one year in Scottsdale about 10 years ago (the one year in the past 13 years not spent in CA). Cheap cost of living and Phoenix is a big city with all of the big city amenities (pro sports teams, diversity of restaurants, etc.). I haven't been back since I left and I've heard Talking Stick is supposed to be nice, though there is not true No Limit there by my understanding. I will say that the summer I was there it was damn hot and that takes some getting used to. Slightly hotter than Vegas. Yeah, it's a "dry heat", but does that really matter when it's 115F? Even at 10pm, it's still 100F.

    Kansas City - Don't really know much about the area to be honest.

    Tampa - Again, don't know much about the area, but Florida does not have a state income tax, so that helps keep cost of living low. I did live in the Florida Panhandle for a couple of years during high school and the area does get hot and sticky in the summer. And while you aren't really considering Jax, I'm not sure that it is truly "deep South". Where I lived in the Destin area it did have that Southern feel, but Jax may be different given it's location further east. Also, BestBet Jax does do some livestreaming on Twitch, so maybe that could be a business opportunity?

    North Texas - You didn't mention the Dallas area, but I thought I would bring it up since I have lived in the area a couple of times in my life, though it has been over a decade since I lived there permanently (and I'm a native Texan so I have a positive bias). Housing is obviously much cheaper than SoCal, and there is no state income tax. From the northern Dallas suburbs, it is an hour drive to Winstar, so the poker is there. And it is easy to fly out of DFW and Love Field to LA, Vegas, etc. Yes, the summers are hot and sticky, and supposedly this past summer was really rough, but Florida would be just as humid as Dallas/Ft. Worth.

    Best of luck in your search! FYI, I was in the 20/40 OE game for about an hour at HP on Saturday, but was just waiting for a PLO seat to open up and left the game before you jumped in. Sounds like you did pretty well in the OE game.

  • Krista Posts: 166Subscriber
    Why not just move to Vegas? The cost of living is low, no state income tax, you have all the restaurants and entertainment that you would find in a much bigger city and there is, of course, no shortage of poker.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,957AdministratorLeadPro
    Krista said:
    Why not just move to Vegas? The cost of living is low, no state income tax, you have all the restaurants and entertainment that you would find in a much bigger city and there is, of course, no shortage of poker.
    I would rather move to hell..
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