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$1/$3 NL Facing a River Bet that puts me All-in

During this session, many of the players at this table are regular $2/5 players. I have not played with many of them, but aware that their regular game was slow/tight, etc. so they began migrating to the $1/$3. That said, I would categorize most of the table as competent regulars to semi-pro players. The villain, I will label him semi-pro, just sat down from the $2/$5 game and has approximately $750-$800 in front of him. This is his first hand at his new seat. Hero has an effective stack of Approximately $250-$275. In this particular hand...

In MP Hero is dealt A K .
UTG limps, Hero raises to $15, Villain (button) calls, SB and BB fold, UTG calls. Pot $49.
Flop 5 5 3
UTG Checks, Hero checks, Villain checks. Pot $44 ($4 rake $1 jackpot removed).
Turn A
UTG checks, Hero leads out for $35, Villain buts in a reraise of $85. UTG folds. Hero elects to call. Pot $219
River 10
Hero checks, Villain now puts in a bet of $225, covering my remaining stack. I tank for a while, what should Hero do here?

As I type this out, I think my initial mistake that got me here was the Flop check. This should have been a Hero C-Bet (I think). Not having much info on the villain or his range here, I got myself into a spot where I feel pretty lost with 2 pair and blocking the nut flush. The turn re-raise set off alarms that he had a 5 in his hands, maybe A5 and and raising to get more value?

Thoughts please. Will offer my River play once I get some feedback and see how most of you would play this out.


  • brian36redbrian36red Posts: 25Subscriber
    Tough spot. I'm no pro - winning rec player. Here's my take: I agree, c-bet seems correct on the flop for value and to fold out equity (but as played may have saved you your stack). If you c-bet, I don't see how you get away. As played, I think your turn and river plays were good. OTR, V is semi-pro and since you don't discuss any reads I assume he's solid. He's repping A5, 33, 10-10, 55 or a flush. 42s? Probably doesn't bet full pot with a straight on a paired board with 3 flush cards on board. He doesn't have many bluffs here - only clubs which we can discount since he didn't bet flop. After betting full pot OTR (maybe for missed value) you don't need to call here very often. You don't beat any value hands. Absent any good read, I think/hope I would fold here.
    by 1BTPoker
  • Xboblove Posts: 120Member
    edited December 2018
    Vomit spot...

    So let's run the combos 1x 55, 3x 33, 2x A5, 8x 56, 6x A3, 8x 24 (lolz), 6x 53 (lolz), 1x AA, 3x TT , 6x AT, 42 combo's of value we beat 6x, plus 72 backdoor spades (blocked).

    Bluffs 132 combo's missed clubs (blocked) 16x 42 (lolz), 16x 46 (lolz)

    Does he play the lolz hands? Prolly not.

    We beat so little of the villains value range, it's hard to argue hero has a winner. If villain doesn't get out of line, then removal of the lolz hands makes his value range very slim leaving backdoor made hands for value against an even wider range of bluffs.

    So doing MDF you should be calling with the better part of 1/2 your range. You have overs for value, maybe A5, sets and top 2 with a similar backdoor and bluff range. Not sure TPTK falls in that 50%.

    Lean fold on the facts but pro's like to test amateurs, novices, and unknowns and this wet board is just the flop that applies pressure. We have the perfect bluff catching hand. I can see a call here but it's exploitative.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    Flop could probably go either way vs two players. I mean it’s rare you are going to get called by worse and this is a board you could check call.

    After your turn play, which I think is fine, it seems like you have basically announced that you have a big ace here with your call of the raise. If this guy is any good I doubt that he’s trying to bluff you off of AK or AQ.. I wouldn’t. I wouldnt expect a fold from these hands. So this seems like a lot of value here and I think we can make an exploitable fold. Bart
    by 1Shane
  • BTPoker Posts: 32Subscriber
    After tanking for roughly one minute I folded face up. Not something I normally do, but with an opponent I never played before I wanted to see if I could get some reaction. He did not hear me say "fold" and when he saw the cards face up he said "you called?" He then said "Good call" after the dealer stated it was a fold. So I'm not sure what he meant if he thought I called or that I made a good fold? The dealer stated it was a fold prior to his statement and he never showed his holdings. In any case, I felt pretty confident with my decision. And truly thank you for the feedback.
  • JLongo12 Posts: 49Subscriber
    To me, the fact he checked back the flop *after* you checked indicates he doesn't have a naked 5. I think he bets a 5 here all day. And flatting on the button, he could have all the 65, 45, A5, combos. I think he bets all those when checked to on the flop. So the only hand he raises you on that particular turn card is 33 right? I think 33 can safely check back this flop and know it can get action on later streets. OTR he's repping 33 in my mind.
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