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800 hours in 2019, Maybe 800 hands?

My goal for 2019 is to play 800 hours and I plan to track it here. I figure if I post 1 hand/hour I’ll learn a lot just focusing on key spots.

The game I play is a mix of 2-5 hold em, PLO and Big O. My win rate is surprisingly about the same across the games, I think mostly because it’s all the same (mostly terrible regs).

I’ve written out lots of hands just for myself and have had a really good experience learning from doing that. So now I’ll just post them in a public place in case other people want to read them or discuss.

I’ll get into more details in the hands that I post.

Let’s go!


  • BartBart Posts: 5,791AdministratorLeadPro
    Well I like you spirit and I am going to be talking about the forums on tomorrow's podcast anyways and I'll mention you. 1 hand an hour to post, is way too much, though, lol. Thats going to be burn out on your part and the read. Why not start with a goal of 3 posts per week? BTW I have moved you big O hand into the proper forum of PLO/PLO8 Strat discussion. Bart
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber
    Hmmm ok. A lot of the hands I was going to be posting wasn’t going to thread worthy I didn’t think. Maybe more streaming consciousness type stuff and I didn’t want to clog up the forums posting lots of hands.

    Should I just keep going in this thread or start a new thread for each hand or condense all my PLO hands to that thread?
  • BartBart Posts: 5,791AdministratorLeadPro
    johnnyfondue said:
    Hmmm ok. A lot of the hands I was going to be posting wasn’t going to thread worthy I didn’t think. Maybe more streaming consciousness type stuff and I didn’t want to clog up the forums posting lots of hands.

    Should I just keep going in this thread or start a new thread for each hand or condense all my PLO hands to that thread?
    Just post your strategy hands in the appropriate forums. Bart
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber
    First week in the books, logged 15.5 hours. Pretty much the pace I want to be on. Ended up losing every day I played, was pretty frustrating. But I’ve been extremely disciplined and really managed to lose the minimum in a horrendous run of cards. So that’s good.

    I played a bunch of big O on Monday and really just blinded off and watched. The game is so slow it was a lot of getting dealt 3788Q and folding and waiting 5 minutes to fold 22689. So at least I wasn’t getting whooped in huge pots. Being card dead in that game really makes hands like 345KQ look like monsters.

    Tuesday night I actually was sitting in one of the juiciest lineups I’ve seen in a couple months. Playing 4 handed with an absolute PLO call station (not capable of folding top pair), a total spew tard, and a really soft passive spot. Unfortunately I couldn’t get anything going at all and end up losing a few hundred. At one point I had AKQT on the button in a 4 bet pot and got it all in on the flop K34 against AJ92 and he spiked the wheel on me in the biggest pot I played. Oh well.

    Yesterday I folded Ace high flush on a non paired board correctly so I’m pretty proud of that. Still frustrating to have nut flush vs king high flush and get spiked by 1 outer. Gotta find the silver linings somewhere.

    I’m also trying to figure out optimal C-betting in this game. It’s nowhere close to a normal game, so I’m trying to figure out the balance. This game is so passive and call heavy that C-betting light, even with a massive range advantage is usually suicide. I’ve realized that I’ll discouraged and only be C-betting my best hands. While that’s good to be getting value from those, I still need to be better at identifying spots in position that I can be stealing.

    Another big leak that I’m struggling with is hands out of position. It’s to the point where everyone will limp in and I’ll look at a hand like AAT5ds in Plo and raise the pot and end up just having to check fold so often that it feels like I’m just being exploited by even really bad players. Hands like that just feel too good to not raise, but then my hand largely plays face-up and am not able to get any value or just have to fold later.

    Welp, back to the grind
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber
    31 hours in the book so far. Last Tuesday I was stuck 4K in a 2-5 PLO game (no straddle allowed) but turned it into a $360 loss so pretty monstrous comeback, but still frustrating to book another consecutive loss.

    I finally snapped the streak and booked a tiny win last night, first of 2019, woohoo. Haven’t had a lot of super interesting hands just a lotta lame standard stuff. I think I wanna start tracking all my hands where I put +500 in the pot but I dont know the best place.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,819Subscriber
    Good luck man!
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber

    51 hours completed. Unlikely to hit 60 this month but I’ll be close enough to be happy about the volume. I had way too many down hours of waiting to help start a game or the game breaking early. I would have easily hit the 60 hour mark on a normal month.

    The cards have continued to be pretty bad but the games have also been pretty bad so I’m glad I not stuck more.

    The next few weeks will be better for sure.
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber
    78 hours logged. Finally got it rolling, booked 4 straight wins. Wiped out my January losses with lots left over for Gravy. The hourly is still not where I like it to be but as long as I don’t have another stretch like January hopefully I’ll get back to the numbers I like.
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber
    111 hours logged so far. Only got 45 hours in for February but it ended up being one of my best months ever. Really happy with the outcome. Unfortunately my first session in March was one of my worst in a while, I’d be happy to break even for the month. Long ways to go. Actually been stringing together some small wins this month in bad games to chip away at the deficit.
  • johnnyfondue Posts: 9Subscriber
    137 hours completed. Pretty interesting, I booked 2 pretty big losses in March which prevented me from a winning month. So after 1/4 of the year done I’ve had 2 outta 3 losing months. Despite that, I’m still extremely happy with my hourly for the year because I ran so hot in February.

    So I guess I can’t really complain. I’m pretty far behind the pace I’d like to be at but I’ve had a lot of real bad luck with the game breaking early or the game not even starting when I try to play.

    Oh well, here’s to a good month
  • JamesSuh Posts: 318Subscriber
    Following, good luck!
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