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Bluff or Bluff Catch

1/2 200 max.

Villain: Loose, drinking beer. Cbets a ton and fires multiple barrels. Bets bigger when he has a hand, smaller on flop, turn, river with he has air or a weak hand. I have observed him unsuccessfully bluff three streets once during the session, and the river bet was small. Will find a fold against aggression. PF raises range from $10 to $20. Assumed Preflop range: any king, any ace, 22+, broadway, suited connectors. I have observed K2 off and A4 off raised by villain in EP.

Effective stacks: $250.
1 fold, Villain raises to $12 in EP, 4 callers. Hero calls in BB with AsQs.

Pot: $60
Flop: T62 rb, one spade.

hero checks, Villain bets $25, hero calls. Villains cbet looks weak, I'd expect him to raise larger ... 2/3 to full pot with a hand like TP or OP. assumed range: underpairs,

Pot $110
Turn offsuit 3.

hero checks, Villian bets $40, hero's decision ...

I think the villain has underpairs, unpaired aces and kings, and unpaired broadway.

1. Preflop: a good spot for a squeeze? If so, what bet size?
2. Flop: do we ever consider raising. I'd imagine a pot sized raise would fold out the hands that beat us or we chop with: 33-55,77-99,unpaired kings and aces, weak second and third pairs, gutshots. On the otherhand he has a lot of junk he's going to continue to bet with.
3. Turn: do we call with what's likely the best hand, or check raise as a bluff? If so, what size? It seems like we're still ahead a bunch.
4. If we call turn with the intention of bluff catching, do we call any smallish river bet (<$60)? My gut says yes.


  • Mike Posts: 371Member
    im squeezing everytime here. this is likely a spot where im going to go get stacks in if i can. There is allready so much in the pot and you have a good hand.

    If your reads on the situation are good i dont see why you would bluff catch when you can get him off 100% of his range with a raise. If he is going to continue to bluff with his paired hands then you should def raise the flop. If he is only going to bet his total air and try and get to showdown with his pairs than you should just call.

    It is super rare for someone to 3 barrel in a live game so i dont know if you would be good enough of the time to call down with A high. You are really the only one who will be able to guess whether or not he would bet the river with total air. I doubt the river bluff is going to be less than 60 though since the pot will be 200 already.
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