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top set nut flush draw check from utg in bomb pot?

lol. new dealer so $25 bomb pot. he deals for nl. missdeal.

hams utg. makes comment about glad I didn't look and see aces.

hams dealt AhAdTh7s. :joy:

flop AsQh4h. hams?


  • CycleV Posts: 967Subscriber
    This seems like one of those hands that makes Omaha a love or hate game for people. You obvs crush the flop, but there are still 18 non-heart cards that will put a straight on board. While any one V is usually close to dead vs your hand, 8 of them probably have a fair bit of equity. I'd think you have to bet just to clean up your equity, as well as get value from worse flushes or an unlikely 2p. A bit more that 1/2 psb should accomplish both?

    If you try and slowplay and go for a c/r, most players in EP/MP are going to check, after all you have almost everything they'd bet with, though they could have hands they would call with. You could possibly induce an LP steal, but I think you'd get more callers by leading than maybe trapping one bet with a slowplay.
  • High__Rolla Posts: 766Subscriber
    What is your stack size? And, you don’t have to list all eight stacks but are there any short stacks? Do most people have you covered or vice versa?

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