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MKARACAS Posts: 6SubscriberProfessional
This hand is from a friend of mine while we were playing on the same table.
Game is 2-5,he is sb and v is bb,eff is 400.
V is super loose-passive guy.
When he is on a losing session tends to play even more hands.
Doesn't bluff frequently.
On to the hand,mp raises 20 gets called from co and my friend from sb with A J and v from bb.
Flop (100) is 10 K K and it goes checked.
Turn is the A my friend bets 40 only v calls.
River (180) is the 3
Against such a v whats the best play?
My friend checked v bets 80 and he goes all in (v has 240 more).
Is this the best move??
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