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£1/2 River aggression with Nut flush on a paired board

Kiwi1210 Posts: 2Subscriber
edited January 11 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
First time poster from U.K.

Nothing too exciting, just want to hear if/why I should play each street differently.

Playing live cash £1/2 at The Vic in London today.

I am the effective stack at £270. Main villain (no info or history) is reg in his 60s, smartly dressed etc etc....

Games only been playing 30 mins or so but at this time of day it's full of regs, typically older guys in their 50s+.

UTG opens to £8, I call MP1 with A♣️ Q ♥️, 2 players call behind me.

(£25) Flop Q♣️7♣️6♣️

Checks to me, I check with 2 players to act behind me.

Player to my left (field bettor, not pre flop raiser) makes it £20, folds to me, I call.

(£85) Turn 10♣️

I check, villain checks.

(£85) River 6♥️

I lead £35, trying to get paid off by a low/mid club.

Villain raises to £140.

Hero should......

Not the line I would take every time, but early in a session with unknowns tend to try and take a lower variance line, play smaller pots etc until I have an understanding of the table dynamics.

Check on the flop with top pair and nut flush redraw was also questionable, although I crush the board, I'm sure I can still get calls from other clubs and straight draws.

Thanks in Advance


  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 134Subscriber
    edited January 11
    I don’t think check-calling the flop is too bad since we have TPTK and the nut redraw, but I prefer to bet flop (and turn) to get value from Kc and Jc neither of which are folding.

    Once we check-call flop, letting the turn check through is horrific. The only hands that continue OTT are made flushes and full house redraws. I’m not worried about trying to get value from single pairs, so I’m leading turn.

    As played, river is a clear bet-fold. Is an older reg really raising river with Kc?
  • Kiwi1210 Posts: 2Subscriber
    The bet fold was reasonably straight forward although you do always wonder. Was just a curious to how better to play the other streets but more importantly why.
    At least my CLP subscription was paid for for a few months with the bet/fold, 6 months ago I would never have found the fold, as trivial as it seems.
  • Xboblove Posts: 120Member
    I dunno, is villain opening 9c8c UTG, C-betting OTF then checking the turn and reraising the river? Such an odd line that I pay off with the Ac
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