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2/5 NLH. Top two pair in a 5 way pot.

fih Posts: 29Subscriber
edited January 12 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 NLH. There is a fair amount of straddling on the button going on. The game has a 500$ cap with a 100% rebuy so the game is playing larger than typical 2/5... open raises often in the 30-50$ range regardless if the button is straddling.

Hand begins with UTG(300$) short stack opening to 25$( pot not straddled.) called by V1(2500$) in UTG1, V2(600$) in LJ calls, button calls. Hero(900$) in the BB with AcQs. I call (?)

Flop(120$) Ad8sQh
I check(?) and entire table checks through.
Turn (120$) comes 4h
I bet 75$, UTG calls V1 calls, and V2 raises to 250 (225 back)$ Button folds
back on Hero?

Hero has a TAGish image and has played with most of the table at some length. Bought in for 1k and topped off another 1k. Got into a pot earlier with V1 where V1 donked into Hero's top pair for two streets and V1 binked 2P on the river.
V1 is a 50s typical rec regular. Doesn't play super terrible poker but does limp call and play too many hands overall, but does have a fold button.
V2 is 50s Asian guy, wears headphones and watches phone a lot. Tighter player but overall plays pretty solid poker and can be aggressive. Has been known to spew money at times and once in a while shoes down some WTF hands and is capable of bluffing. He bought into the table shorter than everyone else. Likes to make big bets and raises and usually bullies 1/2 tables with large bet sizes.

First point? Should I be 3 betting this hand pre? Im OOP and I'm doubtful the raise will thin the field down seeing how the table is a bit splashy, and with 2 shorter stacks I may get jammed on. I elected to just flat getting great odds and see a flop.

Second point? Once I smash relatively safe flop , should I just be leading out here or looking to C/R? I typically check to the PFR and usually dont donk bet.

Third point? Do I just Jam myself? I range V2 to easily have 88,44,AhXh, combos of A8(including Ah8h) or Q8 and even chopping with AQ... Doing well against this range and would like to GII with V2, do I just flat here and invite the UTG and V1 in or just raise AI myself? I dont put V1 on anything super strong and expect him to have Top pair here most of the time. Not many draws besides the backdoor hearts.


  • Beatsme Posts: 585Subscriber
    So i think im fine with the call pre.

    As far as flop play i like checking here rather than leading when you smash the flop. Just because the opener is from utg and the field players will act after him so you get info on everyones hands... they have a chance to bet their hands when he checks. This is different than having 4 limps then the raise coming from the co or button. The second scenario gets checked thru way more than the first bc everyone naturally checks to the pfr.

    Yes i prob just jam here... i dont see a reason to just call.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,891AdministratorLeadPro
    I would say that with all this dead $$ out there and the fact that UTG is relatively short. 3 bet preflop and get it in with him. Make it $250-$300. If for some reason UTG1 back jams you can fold.

    Flop play is a relatively standard check raise.

    On the turn with thee stack sizes I would just get it all-in now vs the raise. You may be up against 44 or a slowplayed 88 but there are also some combo draws you are ahead of as well, and theres a lot of dead $$ out there.

    You interested in call-in this hand in for the call-in show on Monday around 5:00PM PT?
  • fih Posts: 29Subscriber
    Yeah I will try and call in.
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
    I think your decision preflop depends on your read of the UTG opener. He should have a tight range here but if you think he has a fold button then a 3bet would be good, given all the dead money. You are likely no worse than flipping with the rest of the field if they were to jam over your bet.
    As played, I think checking the flop is fine. Even if the UTG raiser doesn't bet, someone else might have a worse A they will bet.
    The turn is an easy shove. I think after your call the pot would be $625 & villain only has $225 left? Your description of him makes it sound like he can easily have more worse hands than hands that beat you.
  • PokerIlluminati Posts: 45Subscriber
    I like the call pre and checking the flop hoping to check raise small to keep weaker hands in and hope to get it in or if not, lead the turn.

    As played, I would call the turn in hopes that V1 calls.
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