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tournament dynamics

justfourfun Posts: 162Subscriber
edited January 13 in Tournament Discussion
MSPT $1,100 buy-in at Potowatami - Day 1A of 3 starting days
30,000 starting stack
Level 8 400/800 with BB ante
Villian #1 table chip leader 130,000 somewhat TAG
Villian #2 11,000 short stacked
Hero 65,000 - TAG but only at this table 1.5 levels

Hero opens utg to 2,400 with 7h7s. V1 in late position flat calls after a bit of time thinking about his move. V2 shoves from button. Hero?


  • BartBart Posts: 5,630AdministratorLeadPro
    This seems like a fold to me. Do you remember when I reviewed my hands from the Main Event Day 2 this year. This reminds me of when I had 99 UTG facing a small BB shove with people in between against Esfandari's wife.

    V2 SHOULD be extremely tight here. Like 99+ and AQ+. I know you are like 33-35% against that range but also you have to factor somewhat of a trap range in the field as well.
  • justfourfun Posts: 162Subscriber
    edited January 16
    i did not even consider folding but perhaps I should have. I was likely thinking too hard in the moment about call v. shove to even consider folding. I did think (correctly) that a flat call would induce V#1 to also flat call. Bart, I agree with your range analysis of V1 - but I might add AJ, KQ & AT suited to V1's range. I also will subtract AA, KK, QQ & JJ from V1's range. So... considering that unpaired hands in both players ranges are 4 times more likely than paired hands (uh oh, I know I am dealing with an expert here and am not really sure about that statistic its mainly guesswork I confess- which is why I do these posts!) the possibility that my 77 is up against the dream scenario of AQ and AQ led me to the flat call. I did consider a shove in this spot and later made the decision that it was a mistake not to shove. V2's range is so much wider than V1's that a heads up scenario with V2 seems an ideal situation. If my pre-flop shove gets V1 out of the hand now I have hopefully a flip (I could be dominated or have V2 dominated here - V2 shoving here with 2,2 would not surprise me) for (13.75 BB + 13.75 BB + .5 BB + 2 BB + 3 BB) 33BB's with 5.5 BB dead money in the pot.

    If I am playing my TAG game where I enter only about 15% of hands and I open here under the gun to 3x and then I get a delayed thinking flat call from V1 in late position - it seems to me that I can be very confident that my shove will get V1 to fold. I will take my chances that V1 is trapping based on table dynamics and the fact that I have played 1.5 levels (40 minute levels) with V1. If I shove here then my line is so consistent with a big pair.

    I think I should shove pre flop here.

  • justfourfun Posts: 162Subscriber
    edited January 16
    i flat called pre-flop and V1 had 9,9 and V2 had AK. No A,K,9,or 7 on the run-out and I check it down with V1 and he wins pot. Maybe the results of this hand are swaying my critical analysis??
  • BartBart Posts: 5,630AdministratorLeadPro
    Unless V2 is clueless V2 should not really be all that wide here. He has 14bbs and is faced with a UTG raise, and a call. His shove is rarely getting through both players. If I were him I could see only shoving 99+ and AQ+ here.
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