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Crush Live Poker Video No. 375: A Look at Overbetting

Craig Posts: 713Administrator
Rob walks you through some of the recent overbet spots hes taken in the last few months, as well as why some people leave money on the table with traditional sizing.

Episode posts at 11 AM PST.



  • Chase Posts: 120Subscriber
    Hand 2 is very interesting. 87 definitely seems like the best bluff candidate. If we want to find more potential bluffs otr: KdTd, QdTd, 5d4d, and it's a bit of a stretch but maybe KcTc, KhTh, QcTc, QhTh.
  • OMGitsWorm Posts: 272SubscriberProfessional
    Really enjoyed this video. Overbetting is something I’m trying to incorporate more of. I got called in a PP hand yesterday and as soon as I did it I knew this bet was a mistake and made no sence given some of the rules you mentioned and the flow of the hand
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