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1/2 NL in Farm Country don't know the pool

MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
edited January 20 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I have 3 hands here from Iowa. 1/2 NL 300 cap. All I know about this pool is it's pretty nitty and full of OMCs, with the occasional donk. People don't make or call big bets without a HUGE hand. This night I had worked up a big stack and had a solid TAG image, I believe.

Hand 1

400 effective. Hero covers.
LJ limps, CO raises to 15; White aggressive guy seen him 3 barrel bluff a lot; very uncommon in this game.
I call in BB KJ♥️
Flop (35) J♠️7♦️8♦️
Check V bets 18. I call. Thinking about raising the turn or letting him barrel. I don't mind check calling if I have a plan it's when you check call out of weakness I have a problem with and need to stop doing it.
Turn (71) 5♠️
He bets 45. I tank call to show weakness so he continues to barrel
River (161) A♠️
He bets 90.
Didn't like seeing that card. He could have been barreling AK or Ax♦️
Pot 251 have call 90.

Hand 2

250 effective
Hero MP AJo open to 12
MP1 (first to act), CO, BB call
Flop (49) A63 :r:
I bet 20 ( I worked in smaller flop bets as this pool is very fit or fold or likes to flop and folds to all 2 barrels)
BB min raises to 40. I call
Turn (129) 7
He bets 30. I call. Sizing was SO small. Should I have raised there?
River (189) 10
He bets 60
Pot 249 for 60 getting 4.15:1
I'm forced to call?
Doesn't it scream I have 1 pair and prob an ace?
I really thought about laying it down. What can I really beat?

Hand 3

700 effective
Hero UTG AKo open to 15
3 callers main villain in SB.
Flop (60) AK6 :r:
I bet 25 SB min raises to 50. I sigh call. I need to stop ALWAYS trapping here and 3 bet more to get more money in the pot!!!
Turn (160) 9 no flush draw
He checks. I over bet 200. He snap calls.
Q1. What do u put him on? I'm blocking Ax and Kx does he really have 66?
River (560) Q
He lead 100. He has about 300 left.

On the drive home I thought a lot about this hand. I don't think he's blocker betting, I really think he was betting for value and never really bets more than 100. But, also the Q hit the river and he could be scared I made a better 2 pair. AK and AQ are there now. I need to replay these hands over in my head with the action for these big pots more. I still see monsters under the bed in really big pots.


  • alecspade Posts: 69Subscriber
    Hand 1: I'm going to go ahead and let this go. His sizing is pretty valuey on all streets and even with your read, most 1/2 guys won't bet this river without having at bare minimum an Ace. I mean, you say you've seen him 3-barrel bluff a lot, but did it actually go to showdown? That's extremely rare to see it multiple times and he continues to do it. I don't think this is a good spot to look it up though. If he's that aggro he can have some other value hands that beat you (78s, J8s, etc) that are hoping you were calling down with Adxd. I would also not expect to see a bluff bet size of 2x his previous bet.

    Hand 2: One interesting thing I've found while playing the $2 blind level is the click back raise is almost always the "where am I at" raise, but its so rarely done on ace-high flops because they always put you on AK. That being said, I'm not folding to it with top pair. This small sizing is much more indicative of a weaker hand or a super nutted hand that they are betting small to keep you from folding. I think you can consider clicking back the turn to take control of the betting lead, and then if that player raises then you can easily fold, and if they call and check to you on the turn you can take your showdown. As played I am going to call getting that price, expecting to lose a fair bit to a flopped 2 pair or set sometimes but you will also run into someone overplaying their hand or also not wanting to face bigger bets from you with their A5s or whatever that they hope is good.

    Hand 3: So we have another click back on a board where you have massive range advantage. I don't really know what raising accomplishes other than to take back the betting lead, though. Going to be hard to get full value there. I actually like your line of calling and leading turn, considering how nutted you are. On a more ragged board I would check turn and look at his sizing. If it was small I would check-raise. And you said he's on the button so you are first to act on the river, so he couldn't have led $100. so on the river you should be first and he should have about $400, pot is $560, this is just a jam. Realistically you lose to exactly 66. Of course it is 1/2 and there are boatloads of people who don't 3-bet with AA/KK, but there's just nothing else you can really do here if you're trying for max value. He can quite easily have A6/K6s/AQ that are never folding.
  • MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    Shoot sorry Hand 3 V is SB. I'll update
  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 150Subscriber
    Hand 1 is an ugly spot but I'm leaning towards a fold. Although we've seen this guy 3 barrel, I'm not that comfortable calling down the river. For me to call him down, I would need a solid read that he's doing that with complete air. If we assume that he's not a complete dock and will only barrel with some sort of equity, both the backdoor flush and an ace gets there, plus we have to worry about flopped straights, two pair, etc. If river was a low brick like 2h I'm probably snap calling.

    Hand 2 I'm never raising. Flop min-raise (as opposed to turn min-raise) is usually a weak TP hand that has no clue what to do, trying to find out if TP is good. Deny him that information and just flat call. When he continues to be small on turn or river, just call down. Once in a while we get shown A6/A3, or some sort of stupidity like A7/AT, but more often than not we will be up against TP worse kicker that would fold to any raise.

    Hand 3 I'm OK with just calling the flop. A 3bet from the PFR on AK6 just looks incredibly strong since we have all the AA/KK/AK in our range. Although we block Ax / Kx, A6 and K6 are possible since this guy is in the blinds. Suit distribution of the board and our hand is important here. We need to know how many A6s and K6s are possible. I don't think random Ax check-minraises the flop so this is not weak TP like Hand 2. It has to be 2p+. When he checks the turn on a brick, I'm starting to discount sets unless he's REALLY OMC and is scared that you have AA/KK when he has 66. River is a little wierd because the donkbet is tiny and stacks behind are LOL. I would probably just jam, anything he is overplaying is not folding for 200 more.
  • MrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    Hand 1
    He shows KQo and the whole table goes into a roar saying what am amazing call. The V calls me a pro. Haha

    Hand 2
    He went crazy with A5o. I WAS so close to folding, but the sizing was way too small

    Hand 3
    I kicked myself ALL the way home. I just called like a little fish. At least I learned to take my time on odd lines and redo the hand back in my head. He never has J10 or 66 here. J10 never crossed my mind, tho
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