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$1-$3 C-bet size as pre-flop 3 bettor

I have only been at the table for about an hour. I have a good image as I've already won a few small pots & one medium pot where I showed down AA. The villain is a young unknown kid who seems to playing too loose pre, with a mix of limping and raising. We are about $350 effective.
Preflop: he opens to $10 in MP. 2 loose, passive players call in the CO & OTB. I 3 bet to $55 in the SB with A J . Only the original raiser calls. Pot is about $115.
Flop is Q 6 3 .
My question is what c-bet size do you use & why?


  • JLongo12 Posts: 49Subscriber
    I like a c-bet of around $50-60. This is a decent rainbow board that gives us a couple backdoors with barreling potential. I think we can profitably continue on any spade or broadway card.

    *Allow me to walk that back* Part of me however is questioning the barreling potential of non-spade broadway cards here. Isn't it possible that if V continues, a broadway turn either gives him additional equity or gives him 2 pair? (We're getting called on this flop by AQ, KQ, QJ, Q10). Granted we block a couple of those. So maybe broadway turns aren't good barreling cards for us? Maybe it's just spades?
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 394Subscriber
    I c-bet $50 & he snap folded. After the hand I began wondering if I sized this too large? I 3bet pre, out of position & got a pretty dry flop. He's probably not folding a Q+ hand regardless of bet size, but that is a pretty small range of hands. I doubt better hands, like AK & pocket pairs that don't make sets, are going to continue, even for a much smaller bet. I think I could have bet as small as $25 here & got the same result.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    Very dry flop. Looks like a perfect board to Cbet 1/3 with your entire range.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,054Subscriber
    Agree with kaboojie. Small sizing with entire range. $30 tops. Bombing turn if called, too.
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