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$1-$3: flopped straight draw as pfor in multi-way pot

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
$1/$3, $300 cap.
Villain is a rec player I have seen just a few times before. Probably a losing player but not a total fish.
Hero has a good image as I have been getting hit with the deck & have shown down some good hands. However, the villain in this hand has only been at the table for a couple orbits.
Preflop: I open to $12 in the LJ w/ T 8 . Villain calls in the CO w/ a $325 stack. I have him covered. Both blinds call. We are 4 handed. Pot is $40
Flop: J 9 6 giving me an open ended straight draw and a back door flush draw. The blinds check. Would you bet or check here?
I decided to c-bet $25 although I think it's a close decision. I have a good image, good draw & am the preflop aggressor but there are 3 opponents in the hand.
The CO raises to $75. The blinds fold & it is back to me. What's your play here & why?
I decided to call as I'm getting nearly 3:1 on the call. I think the CO must have a strong hand & I believe I can stack him if I hit my hand. He has about $235 left in his stack. Pot is $190 after I call.
Turn: 7 , giving me the nuts. What's your play here & why?


  • JS84 Posts: 33Subscriber
    I think you're flop bet is fine - good equity but no showdown value. You'd bet your overpairs/top pair here, so you can bet to represent that and take it down now or thin the field a bit.
    Villain's raise could be a strong hand, but it also could be him playing his draw fast.
    On the turn, I'm probably playing to check/jam. Any bet he makes should be about half of his stack, so he should call your jam with most of his holdings. You could also check/call/lead river, but if the third diamond comes it could scare him off.
    If he checks back, I'd lead river for $120-$150.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 431Subscriber
    I like the Cbet. Its not ideal to be 4 ways here, but we still have a lots of equity and no sdv. I like the sizing as well.

    Call the raise. As you said, there’s a good chance we can stack him if we hit gin. I don’t like 3 betting after he raises. There’s too good a chance he has 2 pair plus given the multiway action and I doubt he’s ever folding if we raise. Better to see how it plays out.

    Check to the raiser. Good chance he will continue with his aggression. If he bets, shove. If he checks back, lead river for $100.
    by 1dpbuck
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