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$2/5 Turn Sizing

ds2uared Posts: 433Subscriber
500 eff.
Hero in CO QTo raises to 20. Btn and SB call.

$53 in pot. Flop QJ3r. X, hero bets 30, BTN calls, SB folds.

Pot $113. Turn Tx. Hero's sizing?


  • Xboblove Posts: 120Member
    FWIW my flop bet is 20-25. This is not a great way to hit this flop.

    As played, turn I probably 1/2 pot it. I could go bigger on a read against a player who is gambley.
  • Daddyslap Posts: 52Subscriber
    edited January 26
    I'm feeling a larger turn bet here as the 10 also improves a number of 1 pair hands in Vs range to add draws and may also include hands like Kxs, A9s, 97s, etc that they may flat and float with on the button. $75-$90 is where I'm at.
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