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$2/$5 Bluff-raise River?

ds2uared Posts: 433Subscriber
Villain in the SB loose preflop. Capable of weird bluffs that are usually large.

Hero UTG raises to $20 A J
3 callers.
FLOP $75 Q J T Villain donks $25. Hero calls. Folds.

TURN $125 3 Villain $25. Hero calls?

RIVER $175 5 Villain $20. Hero?

Turn flat? Should I be raising? Bluff river?


  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 444Subscriber
    His turn bet looks weak and his river bet looks even weaker. Our hand is basically a bluff catcher. The only option I see is call.

    You could try a river bluff raise against certain Villains to try to push them off a weak queen. With this board, however, it might be optimistic to put V on Q9 or Q8.

    I think calling is best.
  • Dab44 Posts: 411Subscriber
    I Think you should be looking for raise flop or turn...Or even just fold flop sometimes. Calling kinda sucks. He’s donk bet in flop is super weak. Doesn’t mean he’s gonna fold tho! He can have lots of FD and SD. You need to take control on flop or turn! Preferably turn..You have more fold equity( he may fold some draws) will be hard for him to call down with 1 or even 2 pair. As played....Just throw in the 20 bucks haha. You already missed your chance to raise. And if you do raise you look FOS. Bc if you did have a nutty hand you certainly woulda raised on an earlier street.
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