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3rd nuts on turn

davidbar Posts: 55Subscriber
a very juicy game , every raise get called 5-6 ways at least .main villan is a good postflop plo player who also respect my game.they see me as a good nitty player-but no so good in plo.
i have 4576cc on the bb. villan makes it utg 25 ,4 players call and i call
flop J85r one club. villan make it pot 150. a big fish on co shove for 280 .i call and villan call
turn is 7x, i have srtright with 2 pair. i potted 1000 and villan instantly say all in for 600 more
so it 600 to 3600.
i do need to call ? did i played every street well ?


  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    Does the ship reopen the betting for the original bettor on the flop? This rule varies by casino. If it does re-open the betting, I would never call this because the risk is too high it gets re-potted. If it doesn't re-open, I'm still not a big fan of the call here out of position. If you were closing the action heads up against the all-in player, then sure, you probably have enough equity to call. But here, you will have to play a turn out of position against the aggressor and there are only three nut cards for you. You said he is a good post-flop player and his range will be uncapped, so that is not a good spot to be in on the turn.

    As played, I don't like the 7 on the turn. He should have plenty of T9xx and 96xx in his range. I think I check/evaluate his action here. If he had a set on the flop, he probably takes a free card here and you block him from filling up on the river. There also aren't many remaining straight draws that you need to bet to protect your equity against. If you do lead, I would size down to leave room to fold, because he should only raise you here with a better straight.

    As played, you only have about 10% equity here if he has a better straight and you aren't getting that price.
    by 1CycleV
  • z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    Very simple answer is, 3 ways your hand is pretty bad. Fold flop. Multi way you really want nut-draws. You’re also way too deep to play this hand like this.
    Pre is fine. But if you’re going to be making mistakes like this when you are this deep, you should fold pre. This is a pretty bad play in my opinion. (Even if you have the best hand).
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