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quads on the turn multway

a fvery fight game,especially preflop, but pplayers still know to fold postflop. also they see me as a good tight player
i got 44xx and call a preflop 20 raise on the SB.flop K64r and its 9 handed to the flop
i lead for pot 180, preflop raiser fold and 4 players call
turn is 4. i bet 1/3 pot and everybody fold quickly.i dont think if i checked some body witll bet a draw or a king when the pot is so big... so can i slowplay turn ?


  • CycleV Posts: 1,103Subscriber
    I'm sure you can slowply quads. You are right they won't bet a draw, but they may make a hand on the river. But I would have folded pre, assuming this is 5/5? Literally the whole table calls, a set of 4s is usually pretty bad.

    Please post the following with all HH's: stakes, stack sizes, if the turn brings in a BDFD, etc.
  • davidbar Posts: 55Subscriber
    I think i had a good hand , maybe AQ44, i dont call with shitty 44xx.
    Its 5/5 and its very deep so stack size doenst matter really. No bdfd on turn.
  • davidbar Posts: 55Subscriber
    At this table a 44 on k64 is the best hAnd on the flop for sure. A lot of fish and bad players
  • High__Rolla Posts: 775Subscriber
    davidbar said:
    At this table a 44 on k64 is the best hAnd on the flop for sure. A lot of fish and bad players
    I'd be careful about leading pot into a 9-way field from the worst position on the flop. They may be bad players, but can still have higher sets, big wraps, and, of course, all kinds of other crap. While I agree that you often will have the best hand here, you will not have good visibility the rest of the hand, especially when it goes 5-way to the turn. Any K or 6 makes you a FH but its always an underfull. Any 2, 3, 5, 7, or 8 makes a straight (that's 20 additional cards). The rest of the deck (19 cards) are likely blanks, but this is just going to the turn. If you are very deep you will also have to play a river OOP that can bring in additional straights or back-door flushes/FHs. So, I like check/evaluate this flop better.

    As played, I like slowplaying the turn when you hit your gin card. Based on the flop action, it is unlikely you have coolered a higher set, but you can probably get their money anyways if they flatted the flop. So, you are really targeting the other hands here for value or bluff-inducing. The best way for both is to check here and let them make a straight or stab at the pot in my opinion. If it checks through, I'd lead on almost all rivers.
    by 1CycleV
  • Shorn7 Posts: 39Subscriber
    Yeah check the turn for sure. Your line of pot/then 1/3 pot screams immense strength and good players might even fold 66 to that line.
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