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2/5 Taking Away Betting Lead

ds2uared Posts: 382Subscriber
Villain decent reg/parttime pro (best player at the table). We avoid each other. He tends to raise too small preflop and has slowed down when I am in the pot.

1 limp. V in mp1 (1,300) raises to 20. Hero (900) otb 99 calls. Bb (150) calls. Limper folds.

Pot 60. Flop K53r. X, V bets 35, hero calls, BB folds.

Pot 130. Turn 3. V thinks for a moment then checks. Should Hero assume the betting lead here?


  • Daddyslap Posts: 46Subscriber
    Why did you decide to flat instead of 3b pre? 99 is way up high on our button 3b range, so playing this deep we should be looking to ISO and get value.

    As played, absolutely. 1/3-1/2 pot. You'll get a fold most of the time.
    by 1MrO
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 173Subscriber
    I think it's a bet on the turn too. You should get called here pretty light, like Ace high, and all their pockets. I think checking back shows you have showdown value and their weak showdown value hands will play correctly more often on the river.
  • hustlin Posts: 309Subscriber
    Yah u can bet here is ok.

    Also checking back is ok too w SD value.

    This will depend on villain and ur game.
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