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Couple of Mid-Stake Hands to Review

IGotTheNuts Posts: 12Subscriber
edited February 4 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Playing 2/5 at the Horseshoe in Hammond, IN.

Main villain (V1) in both hands is an older mid-50s foreign gentleman. Limp calls a decent amount and will open from time to time but generally weaker sizing. Some history with him before these two hands as I stacked him in the beginning of the session with a straight over straight.

Hand 1. Folds to Hero in CO who opens to $20 with A 9 . V1 calls on the button (effective stack $700) and SB calls. 3 ways.

Flop: A J 9

Checks to Hero who bets to $30. Figure I've got a fairly strong hand and I want to charge anyone with a heart. V1 calls. SB folds.

Turn: 6

Hero bets $60. V1 raises to $260 with ~$400 behind.

Hero??? Feels like a baby flush but thought that I would've raised the flop and also don't think he has any sets here unless its JJ. Maybe he does this with AK or KJ with K

Hand 2. 6 handed. One limp. V1 ($1K effective) opens to $20 on the button. Hero in SB with K J weigh flatting vs raising. Decide to flat. Limper calls as well.

Flop: Q 10 6

Limper checks. V1 bets 30. Hero calls. Limper folds.

Turn: 2

V1 bets $55. Hero raises to $220. V1 shoves for ~$900 more. So I have to call an additional ~$730 to win 1295+730 = 2025

Since this is a capped game and Bart talks about the concept of sometimes forgoing a couple % points of equity in favor of building a massive stack and the associated image, is this one of those spots? I put V1 on a range of hands like AA, KK, AQ, QQ, 1010, QT s/os. KQ s/os based on what I had seen all night. Against that range I've got ~33% equity and I'm getting ~1.77:1 which means I would need 36%. Is this the proper application of that concept?


  • Xboblove Posts: 119Member
    edited February 3
    Hand 1: We're way ahead/way behind here. Given the price and wide equity range of our holdings, I'm biased toward peeling the turn. The problem is that villain really doesn't have enough behind to warrant a run down even with a possible best hand. Given 180 to win 600 something, its attractive price but really looks valuey on villains part. Given no other read that 50s foreign, not loving it.

    Hand 2: I'm going bust on this turn card, and this price. I do think your numbers are wrong maybe call 680 to win 2200 orso is more like 3.2:1 (barring a mistake on my end) Since we're still a flip on the turn, plenty of profit.
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