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Question about adjustments in 3-betting due to overcallers

The preflop videos suggest specific adjustments to preflop raising ranges against multiple limpers, but I can’t find any such content regarding 3-bet range adjustments when facing multiple overcallers. Could someone please give me some guidance on this, it is a spot that comes up often in the 2-5 games I play.

Thank you.


  • MarylandOMC Posts: 51Subscriber
    edited February 10
  • KiLeeKiLee Posts: 252Pro
    When we have multiple callers, we need to tighten our continuing range a little bit, but within the tightened continuing range, we are 3betting more aggressively. This is to narrow the field and to take down the dead money. For example, if EP opens and there are 2 callers, and we are on the BtN, instead of using the LP continuing range vs EP open, we want to use MP continue range vs EP open, which is tighter. Within the continuing range, however, we want to widen our 3b range and increase our 3b frequency. For example, hands like JJ or AQo might be flatted a lot EP vs MP. But here in this configuration we may want to expand the 3b range to include these hands at a higher frequency.
    I hope this helps, @MarylandOMC
  • MarylandOMC Posts: 51Subscriber
    @kilee, your explanations always help. Thank you.
    by 1KiLee
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