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2/5 Short-Handed Little Decision

ds2uared Posts: 375Subscriber
edited February 6 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5-handed. Gentleman's agreement to button straddle.

BTN straddle 10. SB calls, BB calls, Fold, Hero calls in CO A9o, Button checks.

Pot 35. Flop A72×. Checks around.

I usually like this check because I feel I am not usually going for 3 streets of value with my hand, but my check makes every other Ace super comfortable and let's non-Ace hands catch up. When draws brick out, I'll bet linearly at a higher amount.

Thoughts? Am I using the word "linearly" correctly? Is this a good check with a flush draw out there? Are you gonna eat that? What kind of sizing do you go for on Turn and River when it bricks?

Thanks for the feedback.



  • Shorn7 Posts: 39Subscriber
    I would raise pre to try and take control and lose the button here, especially 5 handed. Ain’t I bet this flop for value as played as since you did limp you will get called by all weaker Aces, 7x, pocket pairs and spade draws. No reason to check here IMO. Yes we likely only get 2 streets but I would contend that the flop is the place where you will be called the lightest so it should be one of your streets. You also have some serious RIO checking here with the idea that you will bet turn and river...why give a rand hand like 33-44 a free shot?
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